LOCAL: The South Sioux Police Department revamps their evidence room!

Technological advances are benefitting criminal investigations, but all of the mounting uncovered evidence from scenes creates a problem. Overcrowding. This is why it is so important to upgrade your storage units when needed.

As Senior Crime Scene Analyst Zac Chwirka from the Sioux Police Department said, “We are literally collecting everything nowadays for evidence that we wouldn’t have looked at before.” This leads to an overload of stacked boxes, one on top of the other.”

The department solved this problem by building a $100,000 storage system at its headquarters. The new shelves are from Spacesaver Storage and are called High Density Mobile Shelving.

This allows them  to move mechanically back and forth. There are less designated aisles which results in more room for employees.

The layout  also creates a walkway in-between the storage. Each system is alphabetically and numerically labeled. This allows for less chaos, and employees know exactly where a piece of evidence is stored Chirwka said  the shelves doubled their current space. 

Evidence processed from a lab is stored until a case is either dismissed or all appeals are exhausted. In extreme cases, the evidence can be stored for as long as 10 years.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., offers a wide spectrum of options for Evidence locker storage. Consider the following for your storage needs with pass-thru or  non-pass thru; long-term or short-term; and refrigerated evidence lockers.

Before the Sioux Police Department found  the right storage units, they burned old evidence. Investigators took precautions to ensure no one could re-use what they collected from crime scenes. However, this approach caused smoke issues for others around.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc, is experienced with  assisting police departments and military personnels for all their storage needs. Check out our blog highlighting, the Bellevue Police Department, located in Nebraska and how our storage system reduces mistakes while handling evidence.  

Find the right storage system provided by MSS  from evidence lockers to ControLoc tracking technology.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping people since 1997. Our mission is to increase employee productivity, maximize the space in your current situation and decrease wasted time. We know that #StorageMatters. We have over 700 local installations. Contact us today to speak with a professional. 

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