Long-term Storage Tips

Storage is an incredibly important part of your commercial or industrial business. If you are a facility that deals with e-commerce, you know how important it is to have an efficient and productive storage system in place. This can make all the difference when it comes to logistics, picking and packing. Proper storage is something that you should think of first, instead of last when planning your commercial storage space. 

A lot of businesses and facilities will be storing products and items for long periods of time. If you are not an e-commerce business and maybe just a corporate office, there are things that you need on hand, but not daily. Keeping a well organized and properly designed storage room is the best way to be sure that your business is running smoothly and there are as few mistakes as possible. 

If you are struggling with long-term storage and how to make it as efficient as possible, here are some tips you can adopt!

Rethink your packing containers

Cardboard boxes and garbage bags are standard storage containers, but they are not sufficient for long periods. Boxes do not stack well and bags can rip, making your storage system a complete mess. Invest in plastic containers of the same shape and size to make stacking easier and neater. Be sure that your containers fit nicely depending on your type of shelving unit or storage system. Also, be sure that the products you will be storing can all comfortably fit in the containers you are choosing so that you can keep everything uniform and organized. 

Label everything

Labeling helps you remember where you placed your items. With long-term storage, you may not necessarily recall where you put certain items months later. This makes it hard when looking for an item, forcing you to unpack almost everything. Find items quicklyk by labeling each storage container. In addition, you can label your individual shelving units. 

Our high density shelving allows for labeling to be incredibly easy. Technology located in the shelving means that you can not only move the shelves with a push of a button, but they can list what is on each shelf. Be sure to be thorough when you are setting it up, otherwise, you may find yourself looking through multiple shelves to find the correct item.

Disassemble your furniture

Storing assembled furniture takes up a lot of storage space. It also leaves you with awkward gaps that cannot be filled. Dismantle furniture like desks, chairs and conference room furniture before storage. It is a time-consuming task, but it will save you a lot of wasted space. This is another item that you want to be sure will fit appropriately in whatever storage system you choose. Furniture pieces can be large and awkward sizes, so keep that in mind when deciding how much storage space you need and what type of solution would work best for your space and products. 

Stack heavy items first

To take as much advantage of your vertical storage space as possible, stick the heaviest items at the bottom to create a solid base. The lightest and smallest items can go at the top. If you are worried about items being too heavy to move, the high density shelving can help out here, too! The carriage can move up 10,000 pounds, which makes it much easier for you to sift through your products and find what you are looking for more quickly. This can also help eliminate workplace injury from lifting heavy items unnecessarily. 

If you are looking to upgrade your storage solutions in your commercial space with high density shelving or other storage systems, contact Midwest Storage Solutions today! We offer several different systems that you can choose from, but we can also create a custom storage solution that will fit your exact needs. There’s no need to sift through unorganized storage, let us help!

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