Mispicks in your warehouse

Are you finding a common occurrence in customer service complaints and reviews that go along these lines, “We received the wrong product in the mail today.” If so, this common problem is something all warehouse and distribution centers have when it comes to order picking.

A mispick is a simple mistake that can happen, but over time, this could be costing a warehouse a significant amount of money at the end of the year. The right industrial storage solutions and warehouse technology can help with this.

What is a mispick?

There are four common types of mispicks that can happen in your warehouse and distribution centers:

  • A complete omission of items
  • The wrong item added to order
  • Items are packaged in the wrong quantity
  • The items are damage

Any of these four mistakes can easily happen in your warehouse and distribution center inventory. Mispicks are a mistake in the picking process once an order has been made. When a customer places an order, the product has to be picked from the inventory in the warehouse. This is commonly known as order picking.

Mispicks can also happen when items in warehouses are unorganized and chaotic or bar codes are not scanned correctly along with a number of other things that can go wrong.

An operator receives an order that just came in over the computer system. This person finds the list of item(s) to be selected from the inventory. Once this item is located, it’s taken off the industrial storage solutions, packaged and sent to the customers. This is the basic process of how order picking works.

The true cost of mispicks

A few mispicks here and there aren’t a huge deal. However, if a mispick occurs frequently this could be costing the business a large amount of money at the end of the month, quarter or year. According to a survey in Intermac, a single mispick can cost a warehouse and distribution center over $22 - just for one single mispick!

The annual amount of money that mispicks costs warehouses and distribution centers is over $300,000 and 52 percent of warehouses and distribution centers are facing mispicks at least three percent of the time. In the end, that’s a large amount of money.  

How to prevent mispicks

The right industrial storage solutions could help with the mispick process. This is because storage provides organization. One of the main reasons a mispicks occurs is because items, boxes and pallets are not placed properly on storage solutions.

The second reason is because mispicks can occur when employees are fatigued and are constantly walking back and forth. Update your industrial storage solutions to be ergonomic!

Midwest Storage Solutions offers the best storage for warehouses and distribution centers on the market! Everything from our heavy duty ActivRAC shelving units to an Automatic Storage and Automatic Retrieval Storage System (AS/RS).

- The best warehouse automation is needed. A main reason that warehouse automation is needed is to improve accuracy and reduce human errors. A mispick is a simple human error that happens in the system and continues until the package is sent to the customer.

The right warehouse automation can help employees locate items, display the items that need to be selected and picked, and put the items inside the right customer package.

- The best barcode scanners and systems.  Alright, you have the best industrial storage solutions on the market but your barcode system is a little behind. A simple barcode system can help prevent mispicks by making sure all barcodes in the system and on boxes and pallet correlate with one another.

- The newest technology, voice picking. This helps to lower the rate of mispicks to one percent! This is a drastic change from the statistics above.

How does this work? An employee has a headset on and simply talks into the headset. This is then recorded into the warehouse automation system and the item is picked by the system or employee.

Mispicks can stop being a recurring issue in your warehouse and distribution center with the right storage, warehouse automation and other common technology. Midwest Storage Solutions can provide your warehouse and distribution center with the proper storage to save time, money and increase productivity.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping client and customers find the right storage since 1995! We are the leading distributor in the Midwest for Spacesaver products. For more information, contact us today! 

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