Mobile pallet racks

E-commerce is having a large effect on our economy. It’s stated that e-commerce retail revenue will increase at four times the pace of total retail sales. Another shocking statistic states that on average 1.2 million square feet of warehouse or distribution center space is needed for every million dollars of online sales!

The right technology, employees, work flow and storage solutions all play a critical role in the success of a warehouse or distribution center. 80 percent of warehouse activity is represented by the 20 percent of stock in the building. What does this mean for a supply chain management, logistics and production manager? The better storage and provided space for employees, the less mispicks will happen.  

Mobile Pallet Racking

What is racking? Racking is a product that stores large goods and items in distribution centers or warehouses. Our pallet racking systems go by several different names: ActivRAC, high-density mobile shelving, vertical storage and pallet racking! Often times, our company uses the terms ActivRAC which is in our high density mobile shelving family!  However, don’t get confused with all these different names because these are ALL of the same storage units. The names just depend on the company and industry.

One of the main benefits of warehouse pallet racking is that is is mobile which gives the unit the ability to increase the current space of the warehouse and distribution center without construction and add ons. This can double the current warehouse space and increase it by 50 percent! All with a switch to mobile pallet racking. The only downfall for fast pace and quickly moving distribution centers is only being able to open one aisle at a time; on the other hand, traditional static warehouse pallet racking systems waste as much as 64 percent of your current floor space.

It seems like a simple solution: increase the current space by 50 percent with one small downside.

The four different kinds of racking systems

In the storage solution world, there are four different kinds of warehouse pallet racking systems that can be installed into a space. This all depends on the warehouse’s needs.

  1. Selective racking this is static rack shelving that allows for one long row of units placed side-by-side. This provides designated space for forklifts and machinery to travel through.

  2. Drive-in provides enough space for forklifts to drive into the unit but only entering from one side. This storage system is also a static rack shelving system.

  3. Carton flow this is typically used for smaller quantity picking that allows for workers to easily grab each product from either side of the system and keep moving along.

  4. Mobile pallet racks are the ones that MSS supplies the most. These units provide back and forth movement that allows for designated aisle space when need be and closes the aisle space once the unit is moved back. This is the perfect solution for warehouses and distribution centers looking to increase space without construction or finding a new location.

Watch this video of our mobile pallet racks in action to see if for yourself:

Mobile pallet racking is not a new concept in the warehouse and distribution center industry; however, with the rise of e-commerce and more centers being needed there is a need for better storage solutions on the market. The past of having to move and expand is no longer needed with the right pallet racking system in place.


Join the future of mobile pallet racking in your warehouse or distribution center with the help of Midwest! For more information on our different mobile pallet racks, contact us today! 

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