Moduflex Nurse Server expands their products!

The healthcare industry has surpassed manufacturing and retail as the job engine of the 20th century! This means the healthcare industry is the largest source of jobs in the United States. It is inevitable that the healthcare field will keep growing and hospital and clinics need to be ready for this growth.

While the healthcare field keeps expanding, the storage seems to be slowing down, but not for Moduflex! Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., is one of the leading distributor for Moduflex Nurse Servers. This is the future of storage.

The need for the right storage in healthcare

The right storage systems Midwest Storage Solutions can provide each hospital the possibility to optimize workflow, decrease wasted time and increase employee productivity. Moduflex Nurse Server helps healthcare professionals with all of this. How is this possible?

- There is less “hunting and gathering” for supplies which decreases wasted time.

- This server allows for patients to relax more by decreasing patient disruption.

- A nurse, medical professional or others can access the decentralized nurse server from the hallway or inside the patient’s room. This optimizes the workflow by allowing a nurse continue their job.

-A decentralized nurse server increases better satisfaction, allows for a faster response rate to call buttons and falls, allows nurses to be closer to patients.

- All of this together optimizes their workflow. Their workflow is optimized by less walking back and forth which means more times for patients. With less walking and stocking different areas, the nurse can decrease wasted time, and finally, this all increase employee productivity.

As anyone can see, the benefits of adding Moduflex into a hospital can not only help patients but the healthcare staff as well.

Expansions offered

The Catheter cabinets offered with Moduflex provide nurses with a solution to old catheter storage systems. Catheterization labs demand high-quality equipment and medical items and our catheter cabinets follow these high quality standards.

Our cabinets provide a variety of interior components that hold all of your catheters. There are several ways to hold this medical item inside of our storage system:

  • Hanging
  • Boxed
  • Laminate shelving
  • Modular trays and shelf system

Moduflex is expanding their options on security and tracking system! All our cabinets come with RFID technology. The newest system with RFID has the ability to name the products, track products, color code products and more.

Moduflex is also offering a pull out nurse server! Moduflex is a nurse server with the additional abilities to have a pullout cabinet.

This feature offers Moduflex to easily pull out into the corridor, along with each basket having the same feature as well. This allows for easy viewing and accessibility by the healthcare professional.

Yes, Moduflex has offered this feature but never to this extent! The server has the ability to pull out in the front and back and side to side!

This is just one of the best healthcare storage systems Midwest Storage System, Inc., can offer a hospital or clinic! Check out our blog on the other storage systems our business can provide;  “the best storage units for the healthcare field.”


Midwest Storage Solutions has been providing the healthcare industry the best storage systems since 1997. For more information on Moduflex or our other systems, contact us today!

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