National Library Week!

“We want to remind Americans what the printed word means to free men in a free society. We want to stimulate more Americans to open their minds. We want to reveal to Americans some of the treasures which are theirs for reaching.” This powerful quote was from a speech from the  Aims of National Library Week in 1959!

The same thing could be said today about libraries. National Library Week is always the second week in April. The focus around this year was “Libraries Lead.”

The notion behind National Library week is what brings people to their local libraries. It celebrates all libraries from specialty ones like archive libraries to academic libraries.

The History Behind National Library Week!

In the mid 1950s, the research was concerning for libraries all over, there was a decline in people spending time in libraries and with books. The shift was thanks to the advancements in radios, televisions, and musical instruments.

People simply wanted to listen to the news, join a band and travel the world. The American Library Association (ALA) feared Americans were phasing out of reading books. So, a non profit was formed to encourage people to read during leisure time.

The Importance of Libraries

A library is important in every community in so many different ways! These are seven common ways:

  • Offer education and educational resources to everyone!
  • They help communities build and grow
  • Libraries are the gateway to the past and the future
  • Your local library adds value to your community
  • Libraries have transformed into meeting spaces, classrooms settings, and more.
  • A library is a needed public space for children to the elderly.

Skip Google when it comes to questions. Stroll into your local library and get help. A librarian can pinpoint you to the direction you need.

You also help your community by being there and use your resources available to you. Most libraries are free of charge!

Libraries Are Evolving

There is no doubt in our minds that libraries are evolving. Even 10 years ago, a library was nothing like they are now.

Libraries offer education classes, technology classes, and are a place to hangout. With all of these changes, comes the need to move items around.

A library might have to phase out periodicals, encyclopedias, and more to make more space. This all can be done with library storage solutions!

Midwest Storage Solutions is your place for custom library shelving and library storage solutions. Why is this? Midwest can offer the following library storage solutions:

  • High- Density: We offer a number of different custom library shelving when it comes to high- density shelving units.
  • 4-Post Static Shelving: At MSS we normally try to stay away from static shelving for so many reasons; however, in certain scenarios like a library it ends up working out great!
  • Cantilever: This shelving is great for children’s libraries because it is moveable with wheels that lock, and it is shorter than other storage units.
  • Off-site Storage: Get the golden treatment for your items with our off-site storage units. They save time and space and can be retrieved at any time.

National Library Week is about bringing your support to your local libraries. If you have not been in a library in years, go check it out. You might be surprised by how much has changed in recent years.


Midwest Storage Solutions has been helping people find their storage needs since 1997! We offer all the library storage solutions listed above and more. Check out our website or contact us today!

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