Nebraska libraries transforming for the future

80 percent of Americans believe that their local libraries should offer more technology classes, according to a 2016 study by PEW Research Center. Nebraskan librarians worked together for years, even decades, to get funding and support  from the local government and officials to start implementing makerspaces into the community’s library.

In 2017, libraries all over Nebraska were selected to receive the funding for makerspaces and renovation in their community.  

How can the right spaces in libraries and library storage help these local libraries?

What is a “makerspace?”

A makerspace is an all encompassing space that has tools, technology and other essentials that allow for people to come together, create, invent and learn all in one space. A makerspace can have technology from 3D printers to robotic classes. There are several different kind of makerspaces out there for libraries to explore.

  • Hackerspace
  • Maker clubs
  • Maker kits
  • Mobile makerspace
  • Pop-up makerspaces

This is just one way that libraries are continuing to adapt for their community. These are the libraries in Nebraska that have been adapting with their community.

North Platte Library

The North Platte Library is one of just 27 libraries in Nebraska that are being renovated and updated to provide makerspaces. At the North Platte Library  10-year-old, Ean Petersen, was able to make a replica of a Lego set on his own! The set includes a board to hold his 3D printed cat, dog, cow and other common farm animals. The kid stated that, he “could spend all night there working on the 3D printer.”

This has been a two decade long process to get the updated space and technology in order to provide this to the community. Petersen and other children have been working with the 3D printers, working with computer programs, and being able to laser cut wording onto pieces of wood! All of this was made possible with a makerspace. Another rural library in Nebraska got a major overhaul with a makerspace area and award winning storage solutions.

Hastings Public Library

The Hastings Public Library was transformed into a modern space with plenty of areas involving makerspaces! With this new renovation, the library has been able to provide the community of Hastings, Nebraska with:

  • A cricut machine
  • 3D printers
  • A soundboard
  • A green screen
  • A sewing machine
  • A serger/overlock machine

As of May 10th, 2018 the Hastings Public Library was one of six libraries to win the American Institute of Architects & American Library Association Library Building Awards! A major part of the library winning these two awards was design, innovation and library storage.

In the Hastings Public library, there were several storage units added to help the space.

These were the units installed with some customization:

  • Static shelving with wheels underneath
  • High-density mobile shelving
  • Children’s shelving solutions

These are some of the most common storage units installed into our community’s libraries!


For the nine new recipients to get a makerspace and 25 libraries currently working on building the space, the best library storage is provided with MSS! For more information on these storage solutions and others, contact us today!

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