Nebraska State Historical Society Gets Storage Units for Records

The Archeology Offices and Collections of the Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS) relocated to a new facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. The building is now known as the “5050 Building,” because of its new address.

The Nebraska State Historical Society shares the enriching and fascinating artifacts from the past! You can learn about life in Nebraska before it was an official state in the United States and life after Nebraska became a state. There are a number of different artifacts that only the NSHS has to offer for you to see. NSHS offers education classes for children and adults. They currently have over 125,000 objects in their collections; and it continues to grow!

What exactly is Archeology? It is the study of ancient and recent human past through the collection of materials. It helps develop a better understanding of ancient history around the world, and the development of new cultures; while still developing an understanding of current cultures. With all of these materials, from important documents to weapons, the NSHS needed a place to properly store all of their belongings. This is where Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., was able to help.

Before the new location and storage units, items were housed in a less-than-favorable situation. This allowed for items to get lost or broken. The environment in the old location was less than ideal for their collection.  There was little to no space for staff and their collection processing. The old storage units were statis shelving that took up a ton of space. The new location needed an environment that was favorable for their collection, new storage units, and a place that held the staff, collection processing, and their collection without being crammed or worried about space.

Midwest Storage Solutions contributed to the new building and the needs of the office. A shelving process was developed so the necessary shelving could be proper and efficient. The biggest concern was to minimize the square footage required to store everything and provide the possibility to continue expanding. Their new location allows for all staff to be in one area, all their materials to be stored in-house, and is complete with compact shelving storage. At the end of the process, the collection was stored in less than half of the original footprint that provided them with over seven miles of capacity to keep expanding on their collection.

At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we are familiar with the handling of important artifacts. We understand that there is a need for secure long term storage units. We also have handled other storage units for archives and long-term storage. To check out our other success with archive storage, read the success story, “Archive Storage- 8,000 Boxes in a 16- Foot- Wide Building.”

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., knows that #StorageMatters. We take pride in helping our customers find the perfect storage unit that fits their current needs. Since 1997, we have implemented of Spacesaver High Density Storage units. For more information, contact us today!

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