No industry needs to go without storage! PART 1

At Midwest Storage Solutions, no industry or space is too big or small of a task! As the only sole distributor of Spacesaver products in the Midwestern region, we can handle all of your storage needs. The right storage provides a more efficient workflow while saving time and save money.

Our storage units can be used for every industry from archives to military storage. Law enforcement and government agencies rely on these storage units.

The right storage for police departments makes a difference. Law enforcement and public safety officials rely and utilize a number of different supplies everyday. All of these supplies need a home base to protect them at the end of the day. Midwest Storage systems maximizes your existing space.

While on-duty, investigators retrieve evidence and need a place to properly store them. The wrong evidence storage can ruin an entire investigation!

Everything from evidence lockers to personal  lockers can be provided with MSS.

Public Safety

Personal locker storage:

These storage systems allow for personal gear to be stored safely and securely on a day-to-day basis. This ranges from uniforms, shoes, duty bags, any electronics and more. The best part about our storage systems is the ability to configure it to your team’s needs. We can also add outlets into the units if need be!

 Weapon Storage:

Another important part for  any law enforcement agent is their weapons. Weapons and ammunition storage is secure and allows for easy grab-and-go options.

Our storage systems can be modular. It can either be a wall-mount the unit or mobile with  wheels to move from one area to another. Our storage units hold the following weapons:

  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Electronic control device storage (ECDs)
Evidence Lockers:

 MSS offers two different kinds of evidence lockers: pass-thru evidence lockers and non-pass thru evidence lockers. Both of these units are available in refrigerated storage solutions. All pass-thru evidence locker systems are built into the walls. This allows separation from the evidence-drop-off area from the evidence room. The technicians in the evidence room can simply open the locker, grab the evidence and get working. It’s that simple!

High-density evidence storage:

At MSS, we talk about high-density storage a lot! The system is so versatile. In the public safety industry, this is perfect for storing large and small evidence that do not require refrigeration. Items in the evidence rooms remain in intact and safeguarded for decades to come. This allows for all this evidence to be stored securely and efficiently. There would be nothing worse than old evidence being found by a civilian in a dumpster!

Police and Inmate Records:

Once someone is convicted and sentenced to prison,- all their personal items needs to be stored safely unit they are released This is where XTend high bay and high-density storage work perfectly. It allows for all of the inmate records and items to be stored unit they are released. This keeps files in order for less hunting and gathering.

The military 

The men and women who are defending our freedom need storage as well. Military storage compromises of equipment and weapon storage. The same kind of storage systems provided for the public safety industry is  also needed for military use. Although, the difference between the two industries is military storage needs to be FLIPLs regulated.

Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPLs) storage units need to ensure the supplies inside of them are accounted. Our storage units can account for 100 percent of your equipment once it’s inside the system.

These are the storage units we offer any branch of the military:

Universal Weapons Rack:

This versatile and dependable storage system is perfect for the military in case of deployment since this system can easily be transported. Just grab it, load the storage unit and transport it to its new home. The fully retractable doors of the UWR is perfect for smaller spaces and aisles. 

Mounted Gun Lockers:

This storage unit can be mounted to the floor or wall. The unit is the same size for both features and depends on your storage needs and space.

Weapons Tricon:

This is the most secure storage system for shipping and transporting weapons. This consolidates TriCON containers during deployment which ensures all weapons are transported securely while saving space.

Modular weapon storage- WEAPON WRX:

This modular system is designed for storing firearms and gear. This unit can also be mounted on the wall or on the floor. This is designed with modular steel frames with a variety of components to fit a number of different weapons.

High-density for medical storage:

High-density is used in the medical field all over! This is because the units can hold sterilized items, can hover above the ground for easy cleaning, allow for more room and more. The military is no exception to using high-density for their medical services.

As you can see, MSS provides top-notch storage systems for public safety and military use.  We offer a variety of other storage units for multiple industries. Check out our blog next week to see which industries benefit from our storage systems. It might surprise you how versatile our storage units actually are.


Midwest Storage Solutions has been helping clients find the perfect storage since 1997! For more information on public safety and military storage, contact us today! 

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