No industry needs to go without storage PART 2

The education sector from libraries to schools all need proper storage! Supplies and resources need to go somewhere in between lesson planning. These facilities demand the best storage systems on the market.  

In the past, images of rows of books immediately came to mind at the thought of libraries. But, the future of libraries include adding technology rooms, offering educational classes, building communities and more. Whether a small neighborhood library or university library, all facility sizes need the right storage.

Libraries are responsible for holding thousands of periodicals and books on and off-site. These items can easily be damaged if stored improperly. The proper custom library shelving helps the design of the library, efficiency and protects your items.  The Hasting Public Library in Hastings, Nebraska earned an AIA award for their library design and storage systems installed!


High-density mobile shelving:

When it comes to high-density mobile shelving, this is a unit made for every industry. Our most versatile unit can be used in your library. How is this possible?

- Off-site storage: This unit holds everything important in at a remote  location! No need to throw out all those older books, keep them for research purposes. This unit is 35 feet tall which makes the most room in your space. You can save over $2.48 a volume with X-Tend High Bay storage!

- LevPRO: For a library who needs in-house storage systems immediately, a small but mighty storage system like LevPRO might be the best option! This suspended shelving unit comes in four different sizes and a number of accessories.

Static storage

There are two different kinds of static storage units provided with MSS:

- Cantilever shelving: This storage is ideal for academic and law libraries.  This is the most commonly installed library shelving! We all know the rows and rows of books on the shelves, you can thank cantilever shelving for that! Our cantilever shelving has the ability to be modular. This makes the system easier to move.

- 4-post shelving:  This is more than ordinary shelving because we offer universally slotted options. This means you can customize the way your storage system holds its items. Boxes, folders and books can all be organized and divided.

Now, let’s move onto the classroom storage needs!


Classrooms, locker rooms, science labs and other spaces  all use the same storage systems as libraries! The only difference is what is being stored in  these storage systems. How can educators keep their lesson plans and classrooms in order?

- LevPRO: This can be used for music class, band lessons and holding gym class items. An elementary school in Wisconsin was using four different storage areas for all of their physical education equipment! The madness. This took more time to find the items than warmup! The solution to this problem was with LevPRO. The unit ended up fitting the following items:

  • 15 scooters
  • 21 milk crates
  • Large totes
  • 26 snowshoes
  • 6 golf bags
  • 8 bats
  • Indoor putters
  • Hurdles
  • Tee ball gear
  • Golf balls
  • Sports balls
  • Miscellaneous equipment

All of that in ONE storage system!

- Art Racks:  All artwork are  masterpieces! You never know, one of the pieces could be the next artwork of someone famous! There are several different kinds of art racks available.However, it depends on the school when it comes to installing which kind of art racks are most suitable for the space.

Wall-mounted: Art screens can be installed onto the walls! This leaves all the valuable floor space in the area untouched. It also  allows for any size painting or artwork to be hung up easily.

Carriage- mounted: This is just a different name for our high-density mobile shelving units! This stores all new and old artwork in several storage units without static shelving methods.

Modular pull-out: This is a free-standing system that can move in and out of its  designated storage space. Need a certain piece for example or do your items need to dry out? Simply grab the outer handle and pull out a free art rack. This feature accommodates growing collections.


These storage units and others can easily be added into any library or school! For more information on other storage systems we offer go to our website or contact us today!

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