Office Space Architecture

Office spaces are spaces that don’t always get the most attention when being designed. When trying to provide a space for employees it is important to keep in mind what the space and the company needs and storage solutions, but it is also important to take into consideration what the individual employee needs. 

Beyond just interior designs and making the space look visually appealing, it is important to create an efficient, organized and productive space. Creating a positive environment for your employees can promote productivity and efficiency. 

The first thing to consider when creating an office space is the culture of the organization. Representing the personality, values and traditions are important when designing your space because it is more likely that you and your employees will adhere to those. Being surrounded by what you value most is a great way to convey the culture and personality of the business. 

Building off of the culture, it is important to consider what type of floor plan you will be implementing in your office space. An open floor plan is a great way to encourage collaboration and communication. By going with a traditional floor plan, it may be more difficult for you to adapt in the future if changes are needed. An open floor plan is best filled with desks and spaces like our modular office furniture

While looking at the company and the office space as a whole is very important, it is also important to consider the uniqueness of each worker. Of course, you cannot customize an entire space for each employee, but having different options for different accessibilities is important in creating a positive, inclusive and accessible environment for all of your employees. This could mean standing desks, ergonomic chairs or bigger walkways to provide accessibility. 

The biggest thing to consider when beginning to design an office space is how you can keep it versatile. This is so important because office spaces are constantly changing. With increases and decreases in employees, being able to move around furniture, storage solutions or other elements can make for a more versatile and flexible space to work with. 

Being able to create easy adaptations on a whim can be helpful for many office spaces. This can encourage collaboration by moving furniture pieces together, or create space for individual work time by allowing work spaces to move to a separate area. Flexibility and adaptations in your workplace can also help promote efficiency and productivity. By allowing employees to work in whatever environment set-up works for them allows for more creativity. 

Keeping in mind flexibility, you should also always be thinking into the future about what types of technology you may need. This includes phones, computer networks, television and overhead media. Making sure to provide adequate space for these things provides a more enjoyable environment. 

Lastly, providing adequate storage for an office space is important for keeping a tidy and productive environment for employees. This will limit the amount of clutter and can decrease stress. Storage solutions like our Levpro or high density shelving can provide a significant amount of storage without sacrificing usable, collaborative office space. 

Designing an office space can be a much more difficult process than many would think. Providing a productive and efficient space for employees while also providing enough storage can be difficult to balance, but with the proper solutions and collaboration, an almost perfect space can be created.

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