Outpatient clinics

A hospital, clinic, primary care office or workspace all rely on a number of items to efficiently finish each task at hand and one of those items is storage. No matter if it’s an inpatient or outpatient clinic, each storage need will differ, but the need for storage will not change.

Outpatient versus inpatient

As more people are living longer and chronic diseases are on the rise, it’s important for the healthcare industry to keep expanding. With this expansion comes the difference between outpatient and inpatient clinics.

An inpatient clinic requires a patient to stay overnight. The patient must stay in this medical facility until their treatment is finished. The patient is required to spend at least one night in the clinic or hospital, and the stay could be even longer depending on the procedure and treatment being conducted.

An outpatient clinic is where patients come in and out for their treatment and procedures. A patient can walk into a clinic and an hour later be on their way home. This helps with convenience for patients and leaves inpatient clinics and facilities for larger treatments and procedures.

With the rise of outpatient clinics, it’s imperative to have the right storage for patients who are staying for a significant shorter amount of time.



On average, a nurse spends up to 21 minutes per shift searching for lost equipment and supplies! One medical storage cabinet that can help with this issue is FlowCARE Nurse Server. FlowCARE is a decentralized storage unit that is located 10 steps from the patient’s bedside. The other bonus? This is a pass-thru server. This allows for the medical professional to perform a multitude of duties inside or outside the patient’s room!


LevPRO is a suspending mobile shelving unit! This unit is small, but don’t let that fool you, this unit can hold just as much as its larger competitors. This is the perfect unit for an outpatient clinic because it maximizes the clinic’s space and is dual functional. The next unit is more static, but can hold a large amount of supplies.

Quantum Medical Sliding Racks and components

Any outpatient clinic is smaller than the traditional outpatient clinic or hospital. This is because patients will not be staying overnight. With this in mind, keep all needed medical supplies in one room with one storage unit. These mobile wire shelving provide high density solutions that save valuable floor space and misplaced of medical supplies.

Another benefit of adding Quantum Medical Sliding Racks? The medical storage cabinets that can be added inside. Each rack can hold plastic medical storage cabinets that provide the best storing and retrieval methods on the market. The medical storage cabinets can be taken out of the sliding racks and switched around at any moment. This makes the plastic bins modular.

Modular Casework

Another modular storage unit on the market is Modular Casework. These desk spaces are perfect for any outpatient clinic because each workspace is customizable and can be transformed into other spaces. A dual-desk that is robust and helps protect against bacteria.

On average, a healthcare professional experiences 8.4 work-system failures- including not having needed supplies on hand- per eight hour shift. An outpatient center can benefit from all of these storage units mentioned above to increase space, optimize workflows, and decrease overall inefficiencies.


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