Planning for your high density storage units!

You know you need more space, but can’t afford a new office or warehouse expansion. The current area is cluttered, disorganized and is driving everyone mad! The solution is simple: high density mobile shelving units. These versatile storage units can provide you more space in your current office, warehouse or building.

What’s high density mobile shelving?

At MSS, our high density mobile shelving is one of our most versatile storage systems. This storage system has been used in museums, hospitals, medical marijuana field, hydroponics and even more! The design allows for a number of customizations and can be installed in any existing area. The different shelving units provide about four shelving units or the exact number you’ll need for the area.

How to prepare for the installation

At MSS, we have worked with local architect to help install the best storage unit that fits the client’s budget and design needs. When an architect is designing a new library, warehouse, business, or other places there are a number of factors to consider, and storage is one of those factors.

High density mobile shelving is a mobile system that maximizes your space. The back and forth movement creates more space with fixed aisles and shelves. The main concern for structural engineers and architects is the weight of the units and the items they’re holding.

The carriage system is the heart of our high density storage units! It accommodates your existing shelving units or our recommended ones. either way, the wheel-based carriage frames ride on steel rails. This is what allows high density mobile shelving to move back and forth on the carriage system providing you with the most space possible.

With new construction or existing buildings, an engineer needs to make sure the floors can hold the weight and movement. A great example is adding these units into libraries. The requirement for papers and books are 125 to 200 pounds per square feet. Others might require 275 to 300 pounds per square feet, it all depends on the shelving units and items.

All of our shelving units are ADA compliant. This means our units follow the International Building Code in the United States that requires anyone with a disability to easily be able to control, operate and use our storage systems.

MSS can provide wheelchair accessibility, ramps, dual-access aisles, opening forces and a number of other features to accommodate the needs of anyone in the business.

Once the preparation is done for the installation, the MSS team can easily install your units within hours. The right storage units increase space, productivity and save money and time. Consider these options when searching the market for the best storage units for your needs.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping businesses and libraries find the right preservation storage solutions since 1997! For more information, contact us today. 

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