Shelving units and supply chain management

How often are you ordering items on Amazon, Target, WholeFoods or other large retail and ecommerce conglomerates? In the United States, 40 percent of internet users purchased items online several different times through-out the month!  The statistics are showing that only 14 percent of Americans are shopping in stores.

With this continual rise in online shopping, how are warehouses, distribution centers or their supply chain management system all working to produce the fastest shipping for consumers?

Mobile shelving and shipping centers

What are warehouse, distribution centers and production managers looking for in order to store all of their items in one secure location? These production managers are searching for a shelving unit that is efficient, increases space and can easily manage all of the incoming and outcoming products.

As of now, the real estate industry is stating that warehouses and distribution center vacancy is at an all time low. The historic low is evidence that the demand for these spaces is at an all-time high and we don't foresee the demand slowing down as online shopping continues to grow!

If these centers aren’t able to find new places to store more of their products - then how will customers get their items? A solution to this problem is mobile shelving units!

Efficiency continues to be a driving force behind the selection of mobile shelving units that allow for these businesses to stay competitive in their market. How does all of this affect their supply chain management and overall production?

Supply chain

As Dave Olson states, “we are seeing a lot more manufacturers and retailers updating their DCs and incorporating new technologies, automation and pick modules that support rapid fulfillment.”

As the supply and demand continues to increase with Amazon’s new shipping process and competitors trying to stay ahead of their competition, it will be essential for these distribution centers to keep pushing orders out and having a place to store all of the incoming and outgoing product.

If the products cannot get out to the right consumers and shipped in the designated time frame that has been promised to consumers, this starts to slow down the overall supply chain methodologies in place.

The shelving

Depending on the company’s supply chain methods would depend on the mobile shelving units that are in place. There is one type of mobile shelving on the market that Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. can provide to the warehouses and distribution center industries.

The heavy duty mobile shelving unit can provide warehouses and distribution centers the storage space they need while maximizing the current space inside of the warehouse or distribution center.  

This unit can hold up to 30,000 pounds of product at any given moment. The unit is safe that allows for the aisles to be wide enough for any forklifts and keep items from falling off of the units; as this is one of the main concerns dealing with safety.

It’s important for companies to understand that the investment of mobile shelving units. As most professionals state, “don’t wait until the last minute and plan accordingly to your projects.”

It’s essential to get the necessary items out to the consumers and run an efficient distribution center or warehouse. With the help of the right shelving units, this could become a reality for production managers.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. can help provide warehouses and distribution centers with the proper storage units! For more information, give us a call today. 
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