Sioux City Library Renovation

The Sioux City Morningside Branch Library reopened last month after being closed during a $1.1 million renovation. The library, which has an all new design layout, lighting, shelving, heating and cooling system and more celebrated their grand reopening on June 14th. 

The library building, which was built in 1968, needed vast improvements to fix heating and cooling, plumbing, and power problems. They decided to start renovating the existing building in October of 2018.

“You’ll notice when you first walk in that in addition to being brighter and much more welcoming, the floor plan has changed,” said Helen Rigdon, Library Director. “The function of the space is improved with the new layout, and we’re pleased to have been able to add amenities such as a small conference room and small study room to the redefined space.” 

The library kept the arches that were built along with the building in 1968, and incorporated them into the new design. 

On top of a new HVAC system as well as a new roof, the library experienced a lot of changes. From the carpet to the shelving to the lighting, the Morningside Branch Library is looking like a new place! They expanded their children's area, which has a tree design much like the other two library branches. The children’s area underwent the most drastic change by far. They also added more adult amenities such as the conference and study rooms.

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