Spacesaver storage solutions

Midwest Storage Solutions understands the importance of maximizing valuable floor space, improving employee productivity and improving your overall bottom-line. That’s why we are the only authorized Spacesaver dealer throughout Iowa and Nebraska. We provide space saving storage solutions for a variety of markets. 




At Midwest Storage Solutions, our team of experts work with you to design a storage solution that is unique to your space and supports your objectives. Our storage helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve patient care, save time and space and control costs. To make sure you receive the best solutions possible, we have teamed up with a number of established and trusted manufacturing partners to assist in the planning and designing process. 


Whether your healthcare facility needs a storage solution for hospital lab casework, surgical supplies, pharmacy workspaces, materials management or clean supply areas, we have you covered. 


Higher education 


From athletic equipment to campus libraries, Midwest Storage Solutions provides a number of products for higher education. Our solutions help create a place where students and faculty can collaborate, work and network all in one place. We have many options to safely store books, athletic equipment, documents and more. 


Public safety 


Midwest Storage Solutions has a wide variety of products designed to help officers stay organized and increase efficiency. It’s no secret that law enforcement and public safety officials have a lot of supplies. Our storage solutions double the amount of storage capacity in only half the footprint. Whether you are storing weapons, evidence or records, we have the solution for you. 




Changes in technology and community needs require libraries to adapt. Many libraries are shifting from the standard rows of books to a more inviting, collaborative space that host community gatherings, educational and lounging spaces. Creating these spacesaver solutions will allow students, faculty and every day people to collaborate and network with one another. 


Our customizable shelving units allow you to reduce your footprint while doubling your storage capacity. Each storage solution can be tailored to fit the needs of you and your space. 




From security and efficiency to safety and ergonomics, our automotive storage solutions offer users a variety of benefits. Our automotive products are unrivaled because they have the ability to recover up to 90 percent of the available floor space. The vertical storage systems are also fully automated to help you manage inventory and increase efficiency. 




Museums have a number of items that require storing. Artifacts, display items and documents need the right storage units to hold and care for them. Our products provide a number of benefits including risk management, space optimization, safety and customization. 


At Midwest Storage Solutions, we make sure all your storage needs are met. From refrigerated evidence lockers and tire carousels to high-density shelving and nurse servers, we offer a variety of spacesaver products for any market and any space. 


We have been meeting the needs of individuals throughout Iowa, Nebraska and parts of Illinois since 1997. Midwest Storage Solutions has the expertise necessary to recommend the right storage solution to meet your project’s requirements. For more information or inquiries, visit our website or give us a call! 

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