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Storage is different from industry to industry. What is needed in one place isn’t needed in another and vise versa. This means that storage solutions need to be customizable and flexible to fit the needs of different storage systems and industries. 

Sports is an industry that dominates many areas. It is popular on TV, sells many tickets and merchandise and has many storage needs. This can include personal equipment like jerseys, cleats, padding and other apparel items. Sports storage can also include regular equipment like footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, cones, flags, nets and any other accessories you need to play the game. 

Because the storage needs for sports equipment is so versatile, you need a storage system that matches. Sports equipment is often changing due to new seasons, new players and the addition of new equipment. Finding the right storage for your facility is important in making sure that you have what you need and can find it with ease and efficiency. 

Our Spacesaver high density shelving units are perfect for storing storage equipment. This is because they can store a high quantity of items in a very small space. Eliminating the need for space between shelves, this unit is easy to configure in almost any space because it doesn’t require much room. The Spacesaver shelves move along a floor mounted rail, meaning that your storage is compact while being easy to access.

High density shelving

The Spacesaver high density shelving is perfect for storing equipment that may be difficult to store on other types of shelves or units. Things like balls, hockey sticks or training equipment can easily fit within the shelves and then can be slid along the rails to make a seamless system. 

Sports equipment is often odd shapes and sizes, which can make storage a bit difficult. Regular shelving units and systems can prove to be difficult and inefficient when trying to store things like baseball bats and helmets. That is why choosing the appropriate form of storage is so important. 

There are storage systems for all different types of accessories and equipment that can make the daily task of organizing and finding what you’re looking for much easier. This includes bins, racks, shelves, cubbies, closet systems and more! With the appropriate storage system, everyday tasks become much easier!


One of the most important forms of storage when it comes to athletic equipment is lockers. Lockers for equipment and accessories, but also lockers for individual use. As locker rooms continue to grow in size, so do the individual lockers. It isn’t uncommon for a professional locker room to be upwards of 8,000 square feet. This means that there is a lot of available space for storage, most of that going to locker space. 

The lockers you choose should be fully customized to whatever storage needs your players have. If the equipment is bulkier, like hockey padding, then more locker space is needed. If the equipment is somewhat minimal, like baseball uniforms, then your locker storage can account for less space. This is the biggest factor in choosing a locker that best fits your space and your needs. 

Our KuL lockers are an excellent choice because they can be fitted for any space. This means that whatever your storage needs are, they can provide productivity and efficiency. Beyond that, they can be aesthetically customized, meaning that they can help to pull together the overall theme or design of your locker room space. 

Creating a locker room and storage system can sometimes seem overwhelming due to the various items that need to be stored. It can also be difficult to assess the amount of storage space needed and customizing your system to best fit your needs. If you are designing your ultimate locker room, give us a call and let’s get started planning your systems.

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