Spring Cleaning For Different Industries!

At Midwest Storage Solutions, we offer storage solutions options for a number of different industries from libraries to automotive storage. We know each industry will require different methods and storage alike, so let’s take a look at some different industries’ ways of spring cleaning and their choice of storage units.

What Does Spring Cleaning Look Like For Different Industries?

A great place for spring cleaning in academia is in libraries. While they are designed to hold thousands of books, volumes, encyclopedias and more within their walls, new additions and materials can get to be too much for even their large-capacity storage.

To speed up productivity, gather a small group together. It will be easier than each librarian to clean or organize on their own. You can designate each person to a certain book shelf and get rid of the following items:

  • Old Cassette Players
  • Old Headphones
  • Posters from past events
  • Lost and found items left unclaimed

This is also a great time to rediscover lost valuables like periodicals and books. However, getting rid of older items can be hard.

Finding yourself unable to let go of that magazine from 1980? We have a solution, Off-site Archival Storage.

This offers libraries a great  storage solution and custom library shelving of all kinds to move their collections to another location. Certain books can be moved because they are only used for specific reasons, read the least, or other purposes. Other great storage options for the library are Cantilever shelving, High-Density, and 4 Post- Static shelving!  

A final place for school-supply storage is inside classrooms! A classroom is a place of knowledge, but can get chaotic with all the projects and papers piling up on the teacher’s desk, inside lockers, and on student desks. First thing is first: make sure you have the proper classroom storage system!

Where is the best place to start when it comes to spring cleaning?

  • Just throw it away. You will not need that old curriculum planner from two years ago.
  • Tackle sentimental items last. You will get caught up in memory lane and get swayed off track.
  • Clean out desk drawers.
  • Clean out the inventory closet for science and gym classes where equipment and school supplies can quickly become clutter if not organized properly.
  • Start the cleaning now and get ahead.

Of course, teachers of varying subjects will need to clean differently than others, but this general guide helps to get the job started and finished without too much hassle.

Another great place for spring cleaning is warehouses and distribution centers. A warehouse or distribution center holds thousands of products at any given time, and products not being sent out are costing money for companies!

These kind of businesses should do constant cleaning rather than yearly because of the amount of goods they have in their warehouses at any given time. The most efficient way to spring clean a warehouse?

  • Avoid giving one or a few employees more than a couple hours worth of cleaning
  • Before assigning these tasks to revenue-generating employees, ask yourself: can maintenance handle this job?
  • Keep an updated schedule of what needs to be saved and thrown away
  • Give outdated  parts to employees for free. You cannot sell them anyway
  • Get the right storage to keep goods from piling up.

A final setting for spring cleaning which should enact everyday cleaning habits is the healthcare field. The healthcare field can become cluttered from an overabundance of supplies in  storage areas.

Another common source of clutter is nurse servers. Moduflex Nurse Server can combat clutter with labels, small bins, lateral shelving, and more.

This medical supply storage solution is great for everyday and spring cleaning. We also have a number of other medical supply storage solutions available such as:  


At the end of the day, spring cleaning is about bringing organization into your life. The best way to maintain productivity and cleanliness is to keep your office or workplace organized all throughout the year. At Midwest Storage Solutions, we can help you keep your spaces organized and efficient all year round with the correct storage solutions.  Give us a call today! 

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