Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just For Your Homes!

The time has finally come to get rid of the winter clutter that has gradually consumed offices and homes alike and PURGE! Spring cleaning is a little different for every business, but overall the best  approach to spring cleaning is to have some sort of method to the madness.

It may seem as if there is no need for spring cleaning in a work environment ;however, the opposite is actually true! Spring cleaning in the workplace has a number of different benefits:

  • Higher productivity & accuracy
  • Fewer injuries
  • Accurate supply inventory list
  • Proper document placement and management and more

Plus, surveys and studies show that 57 percent of people judge their other co-workers on the cleanliness of their spaces in the workplace. Do not be that co-worker.

These are some basic spring cleaning methods that can be used in most workplaces and offices:

1. Make a schedule.

You want to start cleaning, but when will you find the time with clients to see and to-do’s to check off? Additionally, you will want to map out which areas to tackle first and the places that need cleaning the most.

Start with the toughest projects first and work your way down from there. That way, they won’t seem to get tougher as you go along! 

2. Declutter.

You will want to get clutter out of the way or throw it away before starting the cleaning process. This means old files, unnecessary supplies, broken equipment, and more need to be donated, recycled, or pitched.

If you have not used an item in the last six months, trust us, you will not miss it.

3. Start from the bottom up.

Start decluttering from the bottom of any storage solutions that you currently have set up. For warehouses, it might be easier to start in the back since these items are most likely to have been there for months or even years.

4. Set a time and place.

Set aside a specific time to clean or organize every day, or be sure to block out a large amount of time to accomplish all of the desired projects in one day. This will make it easier to keep things organized and get the job done efficiently without compromising productivity.

5. Keep up with cleaning.

Okay, so you and your team have finished spring cleaning. However, this does not mean that you should stop all cleaning habits you enacted the first week of spring.

Keeping those habits alive each and everyday will ensure an easier spring cleaning for the year ahead.

6. Find the right storage solutions.

The right storage solutions will keep clutter at bay and make it harder to hoard a number of unwanted or unneeded items for your business.

Make sure to stay tuned for next week when we explore spring cleaning tips for different industries!


At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we have been helping businesses with their storage needs since 1997. We are the sole distributor for Spacesaver products in the Midwest. For more information, contact us today.

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