Storage solutions and the education industry

A new semester, a new quarter and a new year all means it’s the perfect time to get organized. No matter the layout or the level of education, all students and staff members need the right amount of space. Each year, the demand and increase in technology changes the layout of classrooms and libraries alike with the concern of storing other items properly. It’s essential that these places of education are provided school storage solutions to make life a little easier each day.

Storage and educational spaces

School storage solutions are helping K-12 and higher education spaces adapt to the increase in technology and change of the classrooms. They are the top trends happening in the education system right now!

The first trend is flex spaces. These spaces are designed with the ability to be used for several different classes, meeting places and other purposes. The space can be used as a study room during the day and turned into a meeting room at night. The flexibility allows for dual spaces and helping save space.

Active-learning classrooms are integrating round tables and open spaces where students can use their creativity and collaborate with one another for  class projects and assignments. The larger tables take up more space, but provide a more enriched learning environment.

There is the never ending change of libraries. Libraries in higher education settings continue to transition to spaces that provide more resources and technology. Along with this comes the notion of makerspaces. These spaces provide technology not typically used in a classroom. This can include machines and equipment like 3D printers!

The environment of education is changing drastically and with this change means older items will become obsolete or moved to a different space. The need for school storage solutions is vital for education. At MSS, these are the best school storage solutions that we can provide K-12 schools and higher education.

The different school storage solutions provided

  • Off-site units: The first units that can be provided are off-site storage solutions. These units are typically used in higher education settings who need to store periodicals for research purposes. This provides a safe space for these items and allows for newer periodicals and flex spaces to keep happening inside of the library.

  • High density mobile shelving: This is the most versatile storage unit provided by MSS. This unit can hold a number of different items from furniture for dorm rooms and campus spaces to instruments for music class. This is possible with the several different high density units available. This unit can hold a 3D printer, periodicals, DVDs and any other item that needs to be stored.

  • Athletic storage: The two different units provided for athletic spaces are high density mobile shelving and LevPRO. LevPRO is typically used in K-12 athletic spaces since the system involves little to no construction and is installed on a hanging rack. With high density mobile shelving, this is a larger unit for collegiate athletic teams.    

  • Administration:  The administration of Omaha Public School district needed to get organized. The original blueprints and architectural plans for all of the Omaha schools were bulky, heavy and in the way. However, the administration needs to keep all old and existing blueprints and plans. MSS decided the best solution for the administration was to install Modula Vertical Lift. This system holds all of the blueprints and architectural plans in their original sleeves. The unit is programmed to know where every piece is located and can easily provided the right plans with a simple input on the touch screen.

These are a few of the school storage solutions provided with Spacesaver and MSS. Finish the school year, quarter or semester off with optimizing your space.


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