Storage Solutions For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are some of the cleanest, most organized places you’ll ever step foot in; mainly because they have to be. It is important that healthcare facilities are sanitary so illnesses and infections don’t make their way room to room. 

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. has the best medical supply storage systems for the healthcare industry. Our top of the line storage units are accessible, sterile, and very organizable. Our products don’t just help keep things clean and organized, but enable healthcare professionals to work more quickly and effectively. 

Below we will highlight our healthcare storage solutions, and how they will benefit your healthcare facility. 

Quantum Medical Storage 

Quantum medical storage is a leading manufacturer of complete storage solutions.There are a number of Quantum medical products that MSS offers. 

The sliding mobile wire shelving on floor mounted rails is a high density, very compacting shelving solution for your medical supplies. This storage system allows you to save valuable floor space and can almost double your available storage capacity. This shelving product is perfect for surgical supply storage, peel packs, hospital maintenance areas, food services, and more. 

PARtition wall hanging baskets is another unique shelving product by Quantum. This shelving product goes against a wall, is on wheels, and is easily accessible both by eye and hand. They are wire baskets, which allows for ample air flow and prevents dirt/dust accumulation. 

Quantum offers other products as well, such as unit dose pharmacy storage bins and wire and linen carts. These medical supply storage systems are some of the best in the business!

FlowCare Medical Storage

FlowCare medical storage has innovated storage needs for healthcare professionals, especially nurses. There are currently two FlowCare products that MSS offers. 

The FlowCare Nurse Server is a phenomenal storage solution for nurses in every hospital. It is a decentralized clean-supply station located only steps away from the patient's bed. It has plenty of storage space while also keeping items separated; very organizable. The nurse server allows for quality patient care, a vertical storage set up, corridor stocking, and is compatible with new or current security systems. There are six different models of the nurse server, made to fit your needs, and custom sizes are available upon request.

FlowCare Catheter Cabinets could come in handy in any hospital as well. They are focused on eliminating catheter associated urinary tract infections, which is the most common hospital acquired infection (HAI), in the United States. The cabinets are made with hinged tempered glass doors for easy viewing of the supplies inside. The cabinets feature a high-density pull-out basket storage system that is adjustable and dust-free. You can also customize these cabinets, and there is a variety of options for the labeling and coloring of the interior baskets. 

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. offers the best medical supply storage systems out there. Our products are easily accessible, will save you space and help your facility stay organized and clean. Most of our medical storage products are also customizable, making it easier for you to organize to your liking. Contact us today to learn more about our medical storage solutions. 

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