Storage systems for higher education

Universities and colleges can sometimes find it challenging to manage their floor space. With shrinking budgets, new construction costs and a growing number of students, efficient use of floor space is vital for smooth operations. This is why you need quality and flexible storage systems in your school to manage and organize different types of media. This can span across many different departments. This includes different fields of study, but also different areas around the college including the library, sports areas, music rooms, dining hall and dorm rooms. 

Oftentimes people are choosing the wrong storage type that does not allow them to use all of their valuable floor space. Standard shelving and other standard forms of storage often take up way more space than needed, which limits the amount of floor space available for learning and other activities. You can store athletic equipment, books, paperwork, music equipment and art items using high-density mobile shelving. These solutions maximize storage by utilizing vertical space. This ensures you have enough floor space for your students and faculty members to use for educational purposes.

Athletic equipment

Storing athletic items is challenging for many universities, especially during off-seasons as most of your athletic items are not in use, taking up unnecessary space. It can also be challenging because a lot of athletic items are odd shapes and sizes, making it difficult to find a storage that is efficient while storing the items correctly. It is important to find a storage solution that is able to be customized to what your specific needs are. This will prevent the waste of storage and floor space. 

With the LevPRO storage unit, you can now store scooters, golf bags, bats, hockey sticks and jerseys when they are not in use. The LevPRO is not only easy to install, but it is also budget-friendly and is suspended on an overhead track. This allows the shelves to be easily moved from side to side, eliminating the need for aisle space.

Storage cabinets

College paperwork can quickly get out of control because of constant admissions, funding, building and co-curricular activities. Without proper storage systems, it can be challenging to manage and retrieve paperwork, reducing your efficiency as an institution.

Storage cabinets correctly store blueprints and admission papers, allowing easy retrieval. Midwest Storage Solutions creates customized storage cabinets that fit the specific needs of your school. Students can also use storage cabinets to store their books as they switch classes.

Art and music equipment

Colleges spend vast amounts of money to purchase pianos, violins, paints and brushes. Improper storage of these items causes damage to them or can even lead to theft, forcing the school to buy new items unnecessarily. Mobile shelving ensures you cut down on damage costs by properly storing music and art equipment.

Midwest Storage Solutions has various storage systems that maintain school equipment, increasing their lifespan. We can provide many different storage options that are easily customizable to your needs to provide you with safe, efficient and proper storage within all areas of your institution. 

We work closely with you to engineer a storage system that meets your everyday needs and maximizes efficiency. Contact us today for more information about our school storage systems.

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