Storage units and sustainability

A storage unit can increase your space by 50 percent, improve workflows, save your business time and money and help with sustainability! Yes, the right storage solutions in your office, warehouse or other places of business can help the environment. Here are the different ways storage can help your business become sustainable.

Storage solutions and sustainability

Our storage solutions are made out of sustainable materials that have been recycled or reused. Storage units like high-density shelving and other heavy duty mobile shelving units are made out of recycled steel. On average this steel is 75 percent recycled!

Another common material our storage units are made out of, is acrylic materials and glass. This allows for all materials to be recycled and reused for future storage solutions. A great example is an Spacesaver installation that helped one library receive a LEED certification.

The Anacostia Public library in the District of Columbia. The library needed an updated building to help the community. At this moment in time, green buildings and certifications were becoming a trending topic that was changing the face of library designs and storage solutions in these libraries. The library needed to be green with the right storage. Spacesaver provided cantilever shelving units made out of recycled steel, and other recycled materials, to give the units a unique look! With the installation of the storage units and the design, the library was able to get their certification.

Check out the video to learn more:

Another Spacesaver installation was the Seattle Central library. This library was a landmark installation for spacesaver distributors. The 11 story library holds over 1.4 million books and provides over 400 computers, meetings, a cafe and other spaces. The building received the LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. At the time of the installation, this was one of the first 50 buildings to receive a silver status. Yet again, it was done with recycled materials, the right storage solutions and the right design methods.

The storage solutions were made out of clear acrylic materials from top to bottom. The stainless steel pins were set in place to provide more natural lighting to shine through the storage solutions.

As you can see, the right storage solutions make all the difference. A simple design and storage unit can help a building grow their credits in achieving a green status.

The most common certification

While there are several different certification that can be achieved with the right storage units, the most commonly known and achieved is LEED statuses and certifications. The U.S. Green Building Council is the largest company who provides, measures and implements LEED standards into buildings. The LEED certification is the most used building rating system in the world. This certification provides a framework for how all buildings should be designed and function on a day-to-day basis. A business can rank in several different categories of LEED from bronze to gold status based on their credentials.

As more building are being developed, a new LEED standard has been set in place. Learn more here.

The world of sustainability for business and industries is constantly growing and evolving and there is a need to adapt. A simple, cost effective way to adapt to this notion is adding the right storage solutions into your space.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping businesses and clients install sustainable solutions since 1997. Any credits towards a LEED certification can be done with the right storage solutions! Learn more by calling us today! 

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