Supply chain in healthcare

A research study shows that hospital could save $25.4 billion with one simple change - a better supply chain management (SCM) system in place. Overall, the hospitals who have adopted better SCM systems have reduced their expenses by $11 million annually.

The flow of the hospital from manufacturer to the patient is critical in a hospital’s overall SCM system in place. The main reason behind this is because this SCM system is in charge of saving lives with proper medication and medical supplies. How does medical storage cabinets help the system?

What is SCM?

Supply chain management is  the active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. This represents a conscious effort to develop and maintain a supply chain system that is functional and efficient in providing the needed materials and supplies.

With this in mind, there are two different types of workflows that relate to the overall SCM system. Physical flows are the movement and storage of goods and materials. This is the visible and most common notion behind a SCM system in place. The information flow is the behind-the-scenes of the SCM system in place and how these items are getting to the physical flow. Without communication and proper planning, there would be no physical flow.

So, how does storage help with SCM? The medical storage cabinets part of information flow of the day to day flow and materials; furthermore, the medical storage cabinets are part of the physical of storing of the goods.

These are the different ways that storage helps with the physical and informational parts of the SCM system.

  • The end point: (Physical) The storage unit it the very last point in the SCM system in place. The medical goods have gone from the manufacturer, shipped to the hospital, retrieved by the professionals and distributed and stored inside the right storage units. It’s critical to understand that each specialization and wing of the hospital needs to store their items in different units with different methods.

  • Can track information: (Information) The right storage units can track all ingoing and outgoing supplies while simultaneously updating the computer systems to ensure that all tracking and data is updated and correct.

  • Records and data: (Information) If your healthcare facility requires for paper and electronic files, these important patient files and data needs to be stored correctly. While your facility is in the process of EMRs a controlled space that can hold and file patient paperwork, x-rays and more is critical.

  • Capacity: (Physical) A facility needs more than just any kind of medical storage cabinets on the market. The right storage unit can help double your current space and reduce vertical space. When this happens, it creates the ability to add more efficient storage units and store items the proper way.

On average, healthcare workers spend 42 minutes each shift resolving operational failures that can result from paperwork to lost medical supplies. The healthcare professionals have a number of tasks to worry about, and the last one should be the overall SCM system.

At the end of the day, the correct SCM system can help facilities save over $11 million annually.


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