The 6 Most Interesting Storage Solutions Units!

Everything from a book to a piece of paper needs a place. Whether the storage is in an odd corner or designed for a one-of-a-kind need, these stories highlight all the crazy items our storage units at Spacesaver and Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., can hold!

We have installed a large variety of storage units in many different kinds of businesses. These highlights look at Spacesaver storage solution options available. 

Vroom, Vroom! To the Dealership:

A high-end vehicle dealership was looking to expand their current storage situation. A Porsche dealership in Canada needed a way to house all of their spare tires both efficiently and safely.

Using traditional stacking techniques, they were finding tires being ruined over time due to the crushing weight and uneven pressure. When it comes to Porsche and their exacting standards, this was unacceptable.

The dealership decided on the best storage solution for their issue. To read more about their success story,  click here.

Spiralized Shelving:

With the help of architects and engineers in the industry, the Seattle Public Library was able to create a beautiful, stationery spiral book stack. The Seattle Public Library was designed to hold thousands of books and periodicals, hold classes, tech spaces and much more.

There are several beautiful focal points to draw the eye like artwork,  glass walls, and more, but the staircase was made the main point of focus. There were also several other large-capacity storage units installed inside the library.

A Diverse Library Goes LEED:

The opening of a library in the District of Columbia was created from an old space. The library needed to have many different functions such as meeting rooms, the ability to hold conferences, and places for the public.

The cantilever shelving used in the library is made with a translucent resin and recycled materials. This allows the optimal amount of sunlight to shine in during the day.

The Anacostia Public Library might possibly reach LEED Gold Status. This is the highest level that one can achieve.

What is a LEED Certification? LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green building rating system.

Each star and certification achieved is from the design, maintenance, and operations of the building itself and each star is a higher ranking!

Since this installation, Midwest Storage Solutions was able to help the Hastings Public Library with their storage needs as well.

They are currently up for a LEED certification and star from the American Library Association as well as the American Institution of Architects!

Aquatics and Fishery Sciences:

The University of Washington School of Aquatics and Fishery Sciences has a large collection of aquatic animals. They have glass jars that need to be stored without breaking, along with a number of large fish bones, eggs, and more delicate artifacts.  

In order to store all of their animals and jars correctly, they invested in ActivRac and High-Density Mobile shelving with a unique roll-out tank system! Watch a video to see the shelving in action.

These are our four most interesting storage units we have installed. As a distributor of Spacesaver storage solutions, we want to highlight two of their unique installations.

We can install all of Spacesaver’s storage units for any business' unique needs.

Bath and Body Works Gets a New “Fresh Smell” and Storage:

Bath and Body Works is a store that sells seasonal candles, perfumes, body washes and more. With new smells and flavors coming in each season, things can get quite tight in the storage room.

They have added High-Density Mobile Shelving, Frame WRX, and 4-Post Shelving,  because each sample that has ever been made by the company needs to be kept for marketing purposes!

Growing More Storage:

With more states in the US legalizing marijuana for recreational usage, the need to store these plants is at a high! As competition and prices rise for warehouses, these marijuana farms are trying to find a more efficient way to save money and grow double the number of plants.

Wow, such a large range of storage solutions that have been installed to help businesses grow!  


At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we know that #StorageMatters. Our trained professionals can offer every business a storage solution for their unique needs. As you can see, we have storage for just about every kind of business in many different industries. If you have any questions, contact us today!

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