The back to school storage for K-12 schools!

Parents, your begs and pleads have been answered because it is almost back to school time in Nebraska and Iowa! (Whew). Now for teachers, administration, and staff at the school- the quiet and summer fun is gone. You have been preparing all summer long for the school year that is bound to start very soon.

Another way to keep yourself organized and on-track this year is with storage systems from Midwest Storage Solutions products! These are some of the best storage units to integrate into a K-12 school or program.

Athletic spaces

The first is for all the gym classes, after school programs, and sport teams.  Spacesaver offers two different kinds of high-density mobile shelving options:

  • LevPRO
  • High-density mobile shelving

LevPRO is a budget friendly, smaller storage system to install into your space. There is little construction involved because the storage unit “floats” over the ground and is installed on one hanging rack.

Wondering how much this storage system can store? The Cambridge Elementary School in Wisconsin was able to store the following items:

  • 15 scooters
  • 21 milk crates
  • Large totes
  • 26 snowshoes
  • Six golf bags
  • Eight bats
  • Indoor Putters

The list keeps going from there! The teachers were able to store less frequently used items inside LevPRO during off seasons.

The next storage system Midwest Storage Solutions is able to provide is high-density storage! This system is commonly used in collegiate level sports; however, the Fort Atkinson high school in Wisconsin was able to take all their sport team equipment and move it into these storage systems! The space was small, but no challenge for high-density storage units! Touchdown. Score. Homerun, for this team.

The library

A library is more than a place for children to check out books and return them. The library is a place for learning, exploring and collaboration for children and teens. Libraries are constantly changing with the needs of students.  

Kathy D. Tuck concluded in her research that over 90 percent of U.S. public school’s libraries have a media center compared to a decade ago.

The need for reliable storage is more important than ever before. These are the three common storage systems Midwest Storage Solutions can provide:

  • Offsite storage
  • High-density mobile shelving
  • Cantilever

What are the benefits to adding these storage systems? Your library can store needed, but older items offsite. Your library can add EVEN more to your collection with high-density, and cantilever is perfect for the smaller children. It can be stationary or wheels can be added for easy mobility.

The administration

Why would the district or school administration need these kind of storage systems? Well, they hold all the paperwork for faculty, staff and the students. (That is a lot of paperwork.) A great example of a school district is from the Omaha Public School District.

MSS installed Modula Vertical Lift (MLV) for OPS. This system was able to hold all of their architecture blueprints and locate all of them inside the system! Each blueprint was easy to find and correctly stored. Read more on the installation!


The other places storage systems can be installed in schools? The art room, science classes, music room and other places. Get organized right in time for school! Contact us for more information!

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