The benefits of ActivRAC mobile storage systems

A tough and rough high density storage unit made to hold thousands of pounds is the perfect addition into a number of industries. This storage unit can hold products waiting for shipment, medical marijuana plants, military items and other unique industries. This is what ActivRAC can offer for businesses!

The benefits of this storage system

This storage system might be exactly what your company or business has been looking for. These are the following benefits for this storage system:

1.  It can hold a significant amount of weight from 7,000 to 30,000 pounds.

2.  This unit can increase your overall revenue

3. Offers more floor space and planning options

4.  The ability to organize materials

5. It’s designed to work with current systems installed

6. It can operate in temperatures up to negative 20 degrees fahrenheit

7.  You can get recessed rails or top mount features for this unit

8. The ability to configure this unit ANY way that fits your needs

9. The security sensor ensures the unit stops when something is detected in the aisle

10.  A backup battery for when the power goes out, but you can’t stop work!

These are some of the major benefits to installing this system in your current space! Now, which unit would be best for your space? This all depends on the size, space, the items the unit will hold and other contributing factors any MSS professional will take into consideration. These are the three different ActivRAC storage units our business can offer you.

The different ActivRAC units:

At Midwest Storage Solutions, we can offer customers three different kinds of ActivRAC:

- ActivRAC 7: This is the smallest system of the three. This storage system holds 7,000 pounds of weight per carriage with our three different ergonomic handle options of hand cranked, powered or push button option. This unit can be used for industrial warehouses, car dealerships, gear for public safety or military and evidence.

- ActivRAC 16: This is most commonly stored in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturers and other industries along this line. We have even installed this storage unit inside military bases!  The shelving unit holds heavy items, tools and equipment up to 16,000 pounds per carriage.

- ActivRAC 30: This is the largest unit out of the three. It has similar features as the other two and works for the same industry. The difference is the amount of weight each carriage can hold at once, 30,000 pounds!

This storage unit is most commonly used in warehouse and distribution centers. This is because the unit can hold large quantities and weights of items for as long as needed. This storage unit can helps with mispicks and returned goods the first time around!

A new place ActivRAC is being utilized in is the medical marijuana industry. Spacesaver is the leading medical marijuana storage system and its using ActivRAC for this industry. GROW still offers all the same features as before, but has been branded with a new name. This storage unit can also be used for the hydroponic farming industry.


The right storage can increase your space, optimize workflows and save you time and money. ActivRAC is just one of a number of storage units MSS can offer businesses and companies. For more information, contact us today!

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