The benefits of cold storage

Cold rooms or cold storage offer a wide variety of benefits, across many different industries. They are used to keep items much cooler than room temperature, and can be utilized in both a smaller room or warehouse settings.

Along with any room or warehouse, there are different ways to manage space. MSS has the high density storage solutions that suit both cold rooms and warehouses.

What is Cold Storage?

Cold rooms and warehouses are ways to store a large quantity of products in a temperature controlled environment. Companies are able to customize sizes and settings, and utilize cold storage over a wide variety of industries and products. Cold storage helps prolong the life of temperature sensitive products, and can be a great way to ship items as well. It is important, however, to manage your cold room correctly.

Cold Storage Uses

When you think of cold storage usage, your immediate thought is food. Although it is smart to store food such as fruit and vegetables in cold rooms, it doesn’t stop there. Other items that can be stored in a cold room or warehouse includes: candles, film, artwork, plants, cosmetics such as lipstick and cologne, and medicine including pharmaceuticals, supplies, and blood samples.

The Benefits of Cold Storage

First, a wide range of benefits means a wide range of uses. Since cold rooms or warehouses are temperature adjustable, they can be used across many different functions and products. They can help control moisture content or be used as a drying room.

Usually, cold rooms are airtight, and protect products from outdoor variables. Since these rooms are generally airtight, they are also backup compatible. In an instance where a company's electricity goes out, products in freezers and refrigerators can be moved to these rooms, and since these rooms are airtight, they will keep a cool temperature for a longer period of time.

Next, cold storage frees up space. Creating space and storage is a headache many businesses face. If managed and organized correctly, cold rooms will allow a business to keep a vast amount of products fresh and clean. MSS offers high density storage solutions for all your cold room needs.

Cold storage saves you money. We all hate throwing food away that has gone bad, and that’s where cold storage come into play. Cold rooms help products from spoiling, which in turn maximizes your inventory. Also, cold rooms save you money on your energy bill. Cold storage rooms are more energy efficient, rather than having multiple traditional refrigerators and freezers that use much more energy.  

What MSS Offers

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of high density storage solutions for your cold room. Our high density shelving replaces aisle space with movable storage options. Our SpaceSaver high density shelving is so unique and innovative, it reduces the need for space by 50-percent.

Another product that works great for cold storage is the SpaceSaver ActivRAC. Our ActivRAC is a motorized rolling rack system that enables pallet racking, cantilever racking, and adjustable steel shelving. We have three ActivRAC models, which can all be used differently.

Lastly, our LevPro rail-less mobile storage is perfect for your cold room! Our LevPro is a sterile storage option that is affordable and efficient. With sliding shelves that are mounted at the top and lifted off the ground, this high density storage solution is great for keeping medical supplies clean and cool.

All of our high density storage solutions are able to withstand temperatures of -20 degrees fahrenheit to 32 degrees fahrenheit without the frost or condensation. Our products allow you to organize your space and keep track of inventory, while at the same time regulate temperature and control humidity levels.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. has been helping businesses since 1995 find the right storage! For more information on cold storage solutions, or any other storage systems, give us a call today!

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