The benefits of FlowCARE

One of the best storage solutions on the healthcare market is FlowCARE nurse servers. Midwest Storage Solutions Inc provides the best nurse servers on the market from high-density storage units to our nurse server!

Nurses, Nurse Leads and Management; have you been searching for a storage unit that can provide your team with a multitude of benefits? These are three benefits of FlowCARE from Midwest Storage Solutions Inc.

Stops the spread of HAIs

In the healthcare industry, hospital acquired infections (HAIs), cost the system billions of dollars annually. HAIs are infections that patients get while receiving treatments during their medical stay at a healthcare facility. The infection can happen during a surgical procedure, prolonged stay, ambulance treatments and rides and from other common surfaces in the hospital.

Over 33 percent of all infections are urinary tract infections; 22 percent are surgical site infections; 15 percent are pneumonia (specifically located in the lungs) and 14 percent are bloodstream infections. With the rise of patients living longer with chronic diseases, the number of patients in and out of a hospital is rising as well.

FlowCARE nurse server is one solution to help reduce the spread of HAIs in the healthcare industry. This is because the server can protect all items deemed ready for surgery and sterile from contracting bacteria. Another way is with its surfaces. These surfaces are treated with anti-bacterial surface and are nonporous. This means bacteria will not stick to the surface and get inside the nurse server.

Supply Chain Systems

An integral part of all healthcare systems is a functional and efficient supply chain system in place.  Supply chain management is the process of evaluating and monitoring current systems in place to see if they can improve; specifically, the movement of medication and other medical supplies from the manufacturers to the nurse’s table.

FlowCARE nurse server is equipped with LogiTag medical solutions. Logitag Systems are equipped with RFID chip technology, and with this technology, this allows for an automated system for tracking all medical items and medication going in and out of the nurse server. This helps to eliminate stock-outs and expired medication and save over 370 hours annually for nurses and management in material management practices.

With management of materials being streamlined and automated, this can give nurses the advantage of working closer with their patients to increase their satisfaction and care levels.

Increase patient satisfaction and care

Patient satisfaction deals with more than the patient being comfortable. This is one small section in this notion. Patient satisfaction starts the moment the patient walks into a hospital. How the staff treats them, wait times, efficient care and more.

It’s important for the healthcare system to think of patients are consumers. Where one healthcare system doesn’t provide the best care the next one will.

With this in mind, patient care deals with how the patient’s experiences and care overall was during their stay. For healthcare systems, this is something that is constantly being worked on and improved.

Because of this, it’s imperative to provide the best care to keep patient satisfaction level consistent. This can happen with FlowCARE because it’s a decentralized storage unit which provides a central location for most needed medical supplies. Furthermore, the nurse server allows medical professionals to access this unit from inside the room or hallway. This allows patients to have privacy and sleep peacefully during the night.

This one nurse server provides all of these benefits and more. At Midwest Storage Solutions Inc. our team is one of the leading distributors of FlowCARE nurse server and other healthcare storage units on the market.

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