Update: The benefits of going vertical

Warehouses often find themselves struggling to expand when they outgrow their current storage. Many times they will invest in a new, larger location, which can be incredibly expensive. One of the most efficient storage solutions can be utilizing what space you already have and are currently unable to use. This means going vertical


Space is a luxury not commonly afforded to the warehouses and distribution centers. While  eCommerce continues to explode in the market, the best and biggest warehouses are purchased as prime real estate.

Yes, warehouses and distribution centers should add robots, better technology and more items. However, these items can’t be added properly without the right storage.


At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we always claim our industrial storage solutions will provide your space with at least 50 percent more room and this is true! All of your existing items will be stored in the same area and space, but our storage units will maximize the square footage within your warehouse!  

A great example is from Modern Materials Handling on a case study from Portland, Maine. The company realized they were running out of space and installed Vertical Lift Modules in their space and cut storage space by 85 percent while increasing productivity and accuracy! Their picking time has decreased by half and gives their workers time to focus on other important tasks throughout the day.  

Improve inventory management

These storage systems can help improve inventory management and mispicks because of their design. The primary components are arranged trays with an extractor platform with a series of computer directed controls. Do you know the items needed are on row G number 16? You simply type this into the computer and the machine finds the correct part.

What type of storage is best? 

So, you’ve finally decided that increasing your storage and going vertical is your best option. Where does that leave you? There are a few different storage solutions that you should consider when going vertical. The first, and smartest, is the Modula ASRS and Vertical Lift Modules. This builds your storage up, which allows  you to maximize your work area and utilize that wasted space that doesn’t usually reach its full potential. Beyond giving you more storage space, the lift can improve warehouse safety by decreasing the number of falls from employees on tall ladders reaching products. This system allows you to choose what product you are looking for, sending the lift to retrieve it for you. 

If you are looking to extend your storage vertically, that means you are in serious need of more space. One of our favorite storage solutions is the Spacesaver High-Density Shelving. This may not satisfy all of your vertical storage needs, but it can increase your storage space significantly. By reducing the need for aisles and utilizing an increased amount of floor space, these shelves allow you to store the same amount of items in half the footprint!


The right industrial storage system can increase profitability by allowing for more floor space. The more space your warehouse and distribution center has, the more items you can store, which means more items that are able to be purchased and shipped. 

In addition, better storage allows for less risk of employee injury. As any warehouse or distribution center manager can tell, the right storage in your space can provide a number of benefits. It’s as simple as calling Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., for the best industrial storage solution option available.

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