The benefits of high-density shelving

High-density shelving is shelving that rolls backward and forwards along with a rail system and can be pushed together to save valuable floor space. The main benefit of high-density shelving is to store more in less space. The reason they are so efficient at saving space is because they eliminate the needs for a walkway in between shelves. 

With normal shelving, you need to leave room between the shelves to be able to walk through and insert and take out tools, materials and equipment. When you don’t have the need for a walkway anymore, you are able to include more shelves, which means storing more products while taking up less valuable floor space. 

Your storage systems should also be completely accessible to all individuals, which means that you need a certain amount of space between shelves and units. High-density shelving does a great job of making sure that your storage is accessible, because shelves are easily moved with a screen and they provide more than enough space in between shelving units when they are separated. 

You can use your space more efficiently

Compared to traditional shelving, high-density shelving will save you valuable floor space. Thanks to its compact design, you can install more shelves to gain more storage capacity or store the same amount of items in half the footprint. If you own a warehouse, this could double your capacity! This would ultimately profit your warehouse and company because the storage of more items means more clients, more items and quicker processes when it comes to logistics and shipping. 

It offers flexibility and scalability 

As high-density shelving isn't fixed, it offers excellent flexibility. You can adjust your shelves according to your needs and it's easily adaptable to the weight, size and fragility of your goods. High-density shelving can also be expanded should you wish to increase your storage capacity in the future. To ensure your shelving is most effective, consider your short- and long-term needs before you have your chosen system installed. 

There are different modes of operation to choose from

High-density shelving is available in a number of different modes of operation, including manual (push and pull), electric or mechanical assist. Electric shelving options provide ease of use, safety and security, with most systems requiring just the push of a button to operate, allowing you to enter aisles as the carriages begin to move.

Mechanical-assist shelving units are moved using a rotating handle. A number of safety options are available to prevent unwanted movement of the shelves, including automatic locks, which prevent the system from being closed on an open aisle. 

It can house or store virtually anything

From athletic gear and surgical supplies to manufacturing samples and refrigerated evidence, there really is no limit to what you can store in high-density shelving units. So no matter if you're looking for higher education storage or industrial storage solutions, there's certain to be a solution for you. 

At Midwest Storage Solutions, we offer Spacesaver high-density shelving systems, which are ISO-9001 certified and manufactured in the US. To find out more about our storage solutions, get in touch with a member of our team today and we can help you design, implement and install the perfect storage solutions for your needs and your space.

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