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Get a client in and out of the auto shop, repair shop or dealership with the best storage units on the market. When it comes to spare parts and bulky items to store, the automotive industry has plenty!

When it comes to storing tires, there are a couple of tips that the industry suggests. These include making sure they are clean before storage, bagging them individually and keeping them away from chemicals and sun exposure. Our tire storage carousel is able to help you keep up on maintenance for your tire storage as well as keeping them away from chemicals, sun and properly stored. 


One of the main issues for a number of businesses in different industries is the need for expansion, but there is not enough money or space. This is where high density mobile shelving can be installed into any space. A high density mobile shelving unit in the midwest auto storage industry can hold up to 30,000 pounds of equipment and allows for forklifts to move through aisles and in and out of the system to store and retrieve the proper items.

A business can install one high density mobile shelving unit and keep their old storage system as well! It’s all made possible by the the carriage system set in place with high density storage. The old and new units can seamlessly be integrated with no construction necessary.

This type of storage unit can hold tires of all sizes including 18-wheeler tires, car and truck batteries, automotive parts like nuts and bolts, mufflers and everything else in-between.


In the automotive world, there are hundreds of small parts that go into a vehicle from bolts to nuts and screws. The industry estimates that it takes about 30,000 individual parts to make a modern car, which means a lot of tiny items that could get lost easily. This also means that mechanics and automobile shops need to have high quality storage and organization for these parts to ensure they are always accessible. At Midwest Storage Solutions, we can provide you with all the bins, racks and organization you need to be sure those small pieces are exactly where they need to be up until they are in use. 


One of the best Midwest auto storage solutions on the market is the Vidir Tire Carousel. This storage unit helps to retrieve 70 percent of the floor space that static storage systems and get vehicle tires off the floor. This unit provides auto parts, repair shops and auto dealerships with the ability to keep items in stock and safe. The item that is most commonly used with this storage unit, is vehicle tires.

Often times in these places of business, there are more tires in stock than being used. When this happens, all of the tires are being stacked on top of one another which can cause deformations in tires. In return, that means these businesses can lose more money.

A simple solution to this problem is the Vidir Tire Storage. The motorized storage unit keeps all tires stored safely and makes retrieval a breeze. The semi-automated carousel moves tires up and down inside the unit that delivers the necessary tires to the employee. That will get rid of hazardous storage systems for employees to retrieve the tires themselves.

Watch the video to see the storage solution in action:

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping businesses find the right storage solutions since 1995! We are a  leading business in the midwest auto storage industry. For more information on these storage solutions, contact us today.

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