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From one arena to the next in Nebraska, and all over the United States, high school and collegiate basketball championships have officially taken over! Once the collegiate and high school season is over, March Madness starts for the professionals.

The moment all the basketball madness finishes, all basketball equipment should be stored in the best athletic equipment storage units! Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., can offer the best storage units on the market for K-12 teams, collegiate teams and the NBA professionals!

High density mobile shelving

This storage unit is used in collegiate and professional spaces to store athletic equipment from football helmets, cleats, shoulder pads, to golfing clubs and everything in-between. The reason why so many collegiate and professionals athletic equipment directors chose high density?

This is because the storage unit takes up less space than traditional storage units. This is done by a floor mounted rail being installed into the ground. The units move back and forth on the rail system. This provides designated aisles when the items inside the units need to be accessed, once the items have been retrieved, the units “scrunch” back together fitting into a smaller space. A high density storage unit can give you back  up to 50 percent of the space currently being taken by shelving.


This athletic equipment storage unit is a smaller version of high density mobile shelving. This unit is typically known as “suspended shelving.” The particular unit is not installed into the floor, but the ceiling. The installation uses two railings to attach the storage unit to the unit itself, providing space underneath. LevPRO still provides the small storage capabilities as high density shelving but on a smaller scale.

Don’t let this fool you, one elementary school in Wisconsin installed LevPRO into their gym facilities and had over 15 scooters, 21 milk crates, golfballs, equipment and more all in their LevPRO unit. Can you imagine all of the basketball uniforms, sneakers, bags and equipment that could fit into this single unit!!

Shelving provided in units

The best part about these athletic equipment storage units is the ability to customize! In a single storage unit, the following accessories and customizations can be added for basketball equipment:

- Shelving support: This provides a the ability to store items on one shelf that normally would not stay put without something in front of them.

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- Plexi glass front with bungee access: The Plexiglass allows for athletes to easily recognize the items inside the unit. The bungee access keeps all basketballs in place and provides easy retrieval from the athletic equipment storage unit.

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- Wide span shelving: This is perfect for storing old uniforms, game plans and more inside boxes.

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- Bin dividers: The bin dividers give all athletic shoes the ability to be stored in their own space. This prevents the shoes from getting damaged or misplaced. Each set has their own designated area.

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Win the game, the championship title and be ready for the next season and training sessions with the right storage units set in place.

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