The Best Military Storage Solutions!

The moment a person decides to join the military, their lives are forever changed! This person goes from worrying about themselves to protecting an entire country and everyone who inhabits it.

This seems to be  a daunting task. This is why it is so important to take care of our military, even if it is by simply arming them with the proper storage solutions!

The Different Military Branches

The military is comprised of 12 different branches. You can opt to be a full-time or part time member  of varying services comprised of duties on land, air, and sea.

- Active Duty: An active duty member works for the military 40 hours a week. These members live on the base or in military housing and are fully immersed in the military world and culture.

After boot camp is over, the members of a respective branch are shipped overseas or are stationed in the United States based on current needs and objectives. An active duty term can be two to six years.

- The Reserves:  The Reserves part of the military was assembled in the 20th century to allow members to maintain their military status while staying stationed in the United States. These members work part-time for the military, and are only called to action during a crisis or major war. These members have time to pursue a trade school or college.

- National Guard: The National Guard consist of the Army National Guard and Air National Guard. The Guard is responsible for humanitarian relief and homeland security.

The National Guard is interesting in how it is operated. Each state and U.S. territory has their own national guard. If other branches are overseas, the national guard can be called for domestic problems.

The military is in charge of taking care of the United States of America and its people, but who helps take care of the military? Well, the government for one, but they also need an immense amount of storage space for soldiers’ supplies and munitions.

Space saver storage solutions and Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., can help the military with this.

The Storage Units Needed:

From weapons to medical items, the military has a large range of items that need storing. These are the storage solutions we have provided that are ideal for our military partners:

Modular Storage is great for the military because it can be transported or mounted easily. The Weapon WRX is a great example of this. This storage solution gives the ability to hold a number of different weapon sizes. Plus, it can be mounted on the wall or installed on top of a cart for easy portability.

When it comes to weapon storage solutions, there are a number of different selections. From mounted gun lockers to pistol racks, we have them all.

At Midwest, we love High-Density storage solutions! This is because it can be used to store military gear or installed on site in a hospital or clinic.

The options are endless. We installed high-density mobile shelving in the new Offutt Air Base in Nebraska. Check it out!

Along with the right storage, there are regulations to follow as well!

The Regulations of Storage

This regulation is called the Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL). FLIPL is an investigation of the inventory inside each military facility.

The cost of damaged or lost weapons can be immense. You can avoid this with a number of different storage solutions and an extra layer of protection.

  • On all High-Density Mobile Shelving there is the option to add a Touchpad Audit Trail. This will keep track of who is in and out of the storage units at what times.
  • A base can get personal storage lockers so everyone is in charge of their own items.

FLIPL is a major issue for any base, so keep your items safe the first time with the correct storage units.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping businesses and others find the right storage since 1997. Check out our resource tab on our website for more military success stories. To be the best you need the best storage. Call us today!

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