The Best Nurse Server In the Storage Game!

The most common place for supplies and instruments that healthcare professionals need on a day-to-day basis is  a storage closet with rows of supplies. In reality, this is great because it holds everything in one place.

On the other hand, this actually a storage disaster. This is because items can easily get lost and misplaced. Are you tired of these issues and are in the market for new nurse server cabinets?

These are the benefits of Moduflex Nurse Server for your hospital or clinic.

1.  Skip Searching For Your Supplies

With Moduflex, there is less “hunting and gathering,” for needed supplies. These nurse server cabinets offer the ability to have all the needed items inside one place.

These nurse servers can be customized for each patient’s individualized needs or have general supplies that most patients will need. This is convenient for all healthcare professionals and healthcare staff.

2. The Best Surfaces For Healthcare Surfaces

A common problem in all hospitals is Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). The estimated amount of people who get HAIs, like Pneumonia, is over 150,000 per year.

An HAI commonly happens when medical instruments and healthcare professionals hands are not cleaned properly. Another way is through surgery.  Moduflex Nurse Server can help minimize HAIs in a hospital setting.

This is because of the surfaces it is made out of- steel and healthcare laminate. As you know, steel is one of the most non-porous surfaces which means liquids will not leak into the steel.

On the other hand, healthcare laminate is cheaper than steel; however, healthcare laminate is not as non-porous as steel. This means liquids and bacteria can stick to the laminate surface easier.

3. A Patient Can Relax More

Most people can say that it seems almost impossible to get any sleep in a hospital. A nurse comes in for routine check-ups, another stocks the room, monitors beeping, and more making sleep difficult.

The hardest part of this is that it keeps the patient from healing faster. A patient needs sleep to heal faster and to keep from getting sick. This is commonly known as patient disruption. A great way to avoid this is with Moduflex.

4. The Easiest Installation

Another benefit to Moduflex is that it can be easily installed into any renovation or build. This nurse server cabinets is installed during the renovation or build stage of a hospital or clinic.

This is because Moduflex is installed in the walls between the door and the adjacent patient room wall. You won’t have to build extra space in your design plans for our nurse server cabinets.

As you can see, we love Moduflex at Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. This nurse server cabinets is the future of nurse servers in the healthcare industry.


At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. we offer a number of healthcare storage for a range of needs. We understand that your storage needs are unique to your space. These are the storage units we provide for the healthcare industry. For more information, contact us today!

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