Update: The Best Storage Units For The Healthcare Field

The healthcare industry has a lot of moving parts that need to be accounted for at all times. There are many processes that need to be done correctly, patient and nurse care as well as making sure that all professionals have the tools and materials that they need to complete their job productively and efficiently. One part that can often be overlooked or not compiled as well as it should be is the storage in healthcare facilities. 

With the healthcare industry being so big and continuing to expand each year, it is important to have the best of the best for these professionals and their patients. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are constantly changing and evolving, which means that their healthcare storage needs to be flexible and able to grow with them. Providing a new storage system every couple of years when they have outgrown the last one is a waste of time and money for the facility. This also means that the solutions should be high quality in order for them to stand the test of time. 

The best thing to do when you are looking for storage units is to get the right ones the first time!


A pharmacy holds thousands of different prescriptions for thousands of different people. Not all pharmacies have the needed space, which means that there can be mistakes within the system. Being sure that your pharmacy is properly organized and laid out is critical in making sure that patients receive the right medication in a timely manner. 

Whether your pharmacy is running low on space, is expanding, or simply in need of more organization, High-Density Mobile Shelving units can be customized to fit your needs.  High-Density gets rid of using an aisle which creates more space in the pharmacy! No need to worry about “bottleneck,” in your pharmacy with the help of these medical storage cabinets.


Sterile storage is a super important element in healthcare storage and is made for high-pressure cleaning and used for surgery and other procedures. The important thing to remember is that sterile storage keep Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) at a minimum. Hospital Acquired Infections cause a large number of once healthy patients to return to the hospital because of an infection. The items being used need to be sterile and away from contaminants at all times.


Another way to make sure your facility is running smoothly and preventing contamination is with nurse servers. Nurse servers are manufactured in Omaha, Neb., and makes the nurses lives much easier because of all the benefits:

  • 10 steps away from the patient’s bedside
  • Can be stocked from inside the room or hallway
  • Has pull-out lateral storage bins
  • Comes in antimicrobial surfaces that resist HAIs
  • Keeps HAIs at bay with less foot traffic in-and-out of the patient room
  • Uses current RFID security system already installed inside the hospital

This nurse server is changing how nurse servers are designed! This is because it was designed with patients and healthcare professionals in mind.


We also offer top of the line healthcare lab casework settings. Modular Lab Casework meets the safety and security standards needed in healthcare settings. These storage units can be designed to be standalone workstations or wall mounted storage cabinets.

These storage units are made out of antimicrobial steel. Steel lasts longer than other substances and it is easier to keep clean and sanitize because it is nonporous.

These lab caseworks come with the following features:

  • Chemical resistant
  • Can hold ethernet, electrical and plumbing pathways
  • Keep hazardous equipment and materials locked away at all times
  • Constructed and designed to fit any sizes needed  

If you are looking to redesign your healthcare storage systems and aren’t sure where to begin, Midwest Storage is here to help you completely design your custom storage solutions. We can help you build a system that will be flexible and continue to grow with you and your industry. Contact us today to see how we can help you design!

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