The different medical storage units provided

A storage unit is more than a storage unit. A storage unit can help reduce hospital acquired infections in hospitals and clinics, allow nurses to spend more time with patients, help increase patient satisfaction and overall improve the quality of workflows in the healthcare setting.

With this in mind, this is how LEAN methodologies can be implemented using top of the line medical storage systems available on the market!

LEAN methodology and storage

The notion behind LEAN practices in every industry is to put the customer’s values first and the company second. The goal is to create an efficient workflow that helps the company and the customers at the same time, with less wasted space and time in the company.

In the healthcare setting, it’s important for healthcare executives to ensure their nurses, nurse leads, healthcare staff and patient spaces all work for each person, especially the patient. A nurse should be able to go from one room to the next, grab their needed supplies, document and other daily tasks without disruption to their workflow and patients.

This method has been implemented into hundreds of hospitals with the change of increasing patient experience and satisfaction, while helping out the healthcare staff and professionals.

One way a hospital can implement LEAN strategies into their day-to-day operation is with the right storage systems. At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we’ve helped many hospitals implement LEAN practices with the correct storage units. This is made possible with saving more time, space, optimizing workflows and allowing staff to walk back and forth less.

These are the units we suggest for all hospitals and clinics to install to help their staff achieve better LEAN practices.

The storage units provided

The first medical storage systems provided by MSS is called, Quantum Medical Storage. This medical storage systems is perfect for the OR, surgical supply room, ER supply room, ICU, Med-Surgical stations, Central Supply centers and other spaces! This unit comes in two different styles, mobile shelving or modular wall storage. Either one provides the best space for the small or large items that need storage, and you can customize the units and move them regularly.  

Moduflex Nurse Server provides two medical storage systems! As an extension of MSS, these are state-of-the-art storage units. Our patent pending nurse server is the epitome of LEAN practices and methods set in place at hospitals and clinics. The nurse server is a decentralized nursing stations provided into each patient’s room. This allows for less patient disruption, better storage capabilities, less walking back and forth and other benefits.

The second unit is specifically for catheter storage. One of the most common HAIs occurs from sterile medical supplies deemed before surgery that are still contaminated. This storage unit solves this problem! The interior component allow new cateher to be placed in bins and the cleaned and reused ones to be hung on a slide out rack. This all depends on your needs and wants.

Another great medical storage systems is LevPRO! This high density storage unit was installed at the Bryan Health Center West Campus by MSS! The sterile supply space is responsible of sterilizing all medical supplies for surgeries and emergencies. LevPRO is a suspending shelving system that allows the team to clean under the unit properly, air dry all medical devices and keep HAIs to a minimum. Read more about this installation by clicking the link.

These are our most common medical storage systems we install; however, our company also offers hospital lab casework, OR and Surgical Supply storage, Pharmacy workspaces and storage, Hospital bed storage and so many other options.

The best LEAN practices can be implemented into any hospital or clinic with a simple switch in healthcare storage units.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping businesses and libraries find the right preservation storage solutions since 1997! For more information, contact us today. 
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