The Five Most Innovative Usages for Storage Units

Businesses and industries are rapidly growing, and a common problem many companies face is a lack of space for new machinery, inventory, and storage. Here are five examples of how innovation has played a role in storage solutions inc.

Five Innovative Usages for Storage Units


Hydroponics is growing rapidly in the farming industry. It allows farmers to grow plants efficiently, indoors or outdoors, while taking up much less space. This is very convenient for farming in urban areas, as fresh ingredients can be vastly grown in a city rather than transported from rural areas to restaurants, grocery stores, markets, etc.

MSS offers a product that is very beneficial to hydroponic growers. Our ActivRAC Mobile Storage System eliminates empty aisles and allows for more shelving units in a given space. This enables growers to create a more organized farming layout, as well as grow more plants at once. This is a storage solution that can create about 30-percent more space for an indoor farm.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is another industry that is fast-growing. With more demand comes more inventory, and in turn, less space. SpaceSaver offers the best storage products for the cannabis industry.

For medical marijuana growers, it can be tough managing a farm that is unorganized and close-quartered. That is why SpaceSaver ActivRAC Mobile tables are great storage solutions! SpaceSaver allows growers to grow more and become more organized, while eliminating wasted space!

Cannabis Dispensaries also benefit from our storage solutions inc! Our products allow  dispensaries to maintain an organized system for product intake and dispensing, all while saving time and space! Optimal Product Flow = Maximum Profits!

Athletic Storage

Athletic shelving is a necessity for every collegiate and professional sports organization. There is a lot that goes into a successful sports program, and we have designed storage solutions to make sure equipment, gear, and apparel are well organized and protected.

Equipment rooms can be used for a variety of things including: equipment repair, uniform cleanings and of course, storage. These rooms can get chaotic from time to time, but our SpaceSaver storage products bring optimal organization to the room, while eliminating the wasted space!

We have designed sports equipment storage solutions inc for some of the most renowned athletic programs in the country. Here are some of our athletic storage products, as well as some of the projects we’ve worked on!

Nurse Server

It is important to stay clean and organized at your workplace, but this is especially important in the healthcare industry.

Our FlowCare Nurse Server cabinets are designed to be a clean-supply station that’s only steps away from a patients bed. This gives nurses and healthcare professionals easy access to medical supplies, while keeping them clean and organized. Our FlowCare nurse servers come in different designs to accommodate the environment of your workplace.

Museum Storage

Military Museums date back to the 1800s, which means a couple things. First off, there are a lot of the items in these museums are really, really old, and need to be stored properly. Next, some of these items are very large, and are very tough to store in a museum.

One museum in particular has it all, from art to old military gear, to torpedo; yes 6,000 pound torpedos. The Naval Undersea Museum is located in Keyport, Washington, and needed storage solutions inc of all kinds. That is why we innovated storage to accommodate to their needs. Our ActivRAC storage units were just right for the job. By allowing more organized shelving and units that could hold up to 30,000 pounds, the Naval Undersea Museum was able to eliminate over 66 shelving units and create much more space!

Eliminating wasted space is a huge relief for many businesses. As companies grow, they often become crowded as it is expensive to purchase more land. But, with the right innovative products, MSS can help you with your storage solutions and save you space!

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