The Future Of Gardening- Hydroponic Gardening

The “future” of agriculture in the city is here! It is called, hydroponic. This type of gardening offers fresh, locally grown produce in areas that typically have a lack of fresh produce. The concrete jungle no longer needs to be a produce desert.

What Is Hydroponic Growing?

Hydroponic is a subset of the common hydroculture gardening that has been around for centuries. The plants grow in a soilless medium.

This means that this type of farming uses nutrient solutions to feed the plants in water, not soil which is how typical farming works.  Hydroponic gardening is also known as Nutrient Film Technique (N.F.T).

There are several kinds of hydroponic gardening solutions all over the world.

This kind of “futuristic” gardening has a number of benefits as well!

The Benefits Of Hydroponic

There are a number of reasons hydroponic gardening has taken off in the mainstream agriculture scene in the last few years. The first thing is that it provides fresh vegetables and fruit in areas that do not have room for traditional agriculture methods. It serves as a solution for places with limited growing space.

This gives a number of people in cities access to locally grown, fresh produce right in their city. The old worn down warehouses and buildings are being restored and utilized for  hydroponic gardening.

Another great aspect of hydroponics is that hydroponic gardening creates  less of a mess and the plants that grow inside can be kept away from plant diseases and pests. This means no pesticides will be used to help keep these plants safe.

The number one advantage of hydroponic gardening is that the produce never goes through growing seasons. You can have berries, squash, pumpkins, and more all together under the same roof.

This type of gardening is the future for all cities! This allows cities to repurpose their old, worn down buildings and create delicious produce all year round. It sounds like a great trade-off to us!

The Storage Solutions Needed

Hydroponic gardening is water-based and water is very heavy. How does someone store their hydroponic plants and farming systems carefully in large quantities? Spacesaver Storage Solutions offers GROW storage solutions.   

This storage solution, also known as ActivRAC, can hold up to 30,000 pounds! The storage unit allows for the following features:

  • Direct lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Moisture control
  • Energy saving costs
  • More space

A great example of these storage units in work is with Spacesaver Case study done in Manhattan, New York. The problem with owning a restaurant in New York City is the lack of agriculture space and local produce. It’s a concrete jungle city.

One restaurant owner wanted to bring the finest, freshest ingredients to their customers, but with the harsh winter the amount of produce available is slim. Spacesaver was able to combat this issue with GROW storage solutions.  

The restaurant transformed their basement into a hydroponic herb-growing business. Once the storage unit was installed it gave the basement 30-percent more room. It allows for automated lighting and irrigation plus natural pest control.

Spacesaver GROW storage units also works for medical marijuana farming. Check out our blog on this hot new topic!

This type of gardening is being used all over to bring fresh, local produce in places where this is not an easy option. 


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