The importance of the right storage

What does a business need to see when making any decision? Return of investment. These are two of the most common words used in the business world. When a storage unit is installed into a business, there are several ways these units can provide a ROI.  

Saves time

The right storage can help a number of industries to save time in their daily workflow and processes. In the healthcare industry, a nurse can spend over 21 minutes per shift trying to find medical supplies that are needed to do their jobs properly. This all directly impacts the patient and their overall experience in the medical setting.  How does the storage unit actually save time? Overall workflow is maximized and items are stored and tracked with technology or labeling options. This keeps all items inside the designated spaces.

Increases space

Often times, for businesses, the option to expand their current space is not in the budget. When this happens, items can start to be misplaced, destroyed or get lost. If this starts to happen, it’s a sign that your business needs storage system midwest!

Web Atlanta is one of the largest industry leaders in warehousing aerospace composites, and materials which need to be stored at a specific temperature. The company was able to expand their space, but still needed a solution to their static shelving units.

The solution was to add high-density shelving units installed that have a cubic volume of 121,000 cubic feet! The system has 11 asiles with 60 pallet positions per aisle which totals to 600 pallet positions. This doubled their space in minutes.

Saves money

One a system is installed, it increases the space by double to triple! The space that was once crowded, inefficient and chaotic, is now transformed to a spacious and efficient space.  This saves money by increasing inventory levels, maintain these levels, allowing for faster workflow and efficiency. At the end of the day, double the amount of space and organization can transform employee efficiency and help the business’s return of investment.

Optimize workflows

“The whole understanding behind workflow is the ability to streamline and automate repeatable business tasks that can help to minimize errors and increase overall efficiency” states Jamie Johnson. If these small errors, allows for an increase in  employee production and improves your business!

At the end of the day, a business should be running at full capacity with the best systems set in place to increase productivity. The right workflow in ANY business setting can help to reduce the following issues:

  • Redundancies

  • Micromanagement

  • Lack of productivity

  • Improve communication

  • Improve quality of services and products

A great addition to any setting is storage system midwest. This is because our storage units can help overall supply chain management systems and allow for tracking of industry items and supplies. This means less micromanagement is needed because employees have the right tools to help do their job easily and efficiently.


Yes our storage system midwest  units are sustainable! All of our storage units are made out of steel which is recycled from old storage units. On average, over 75 percent of the steel used for each storage unit is recycled! Often times, the storage units can help a business achieve LEED certification and status within the community!

LEED certifications are accredited to businesses for several different reasons from their impact on the environment to the design that was done. These storage units provide all of these benefits listed above AND helps your recycle and reduce materials with the possibility to achieve LEED status!

The right storage units can provide these benefits and even more! It’s critical to find the right storage unit for your business’s needs. What works for one business isn’t always going to work for another.

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