The many uses of lockers

Lockers are a form of storage that many people may not give much thought to. Of course, they are used in the typical setting you may think of when you hear the word locker - schools. While lockers are incredibly useful in that setting, there are several other settings that these forms of storage solutions may be incredibly beneficial. Many times they may even be repurposed as an industrial design feature in certain businesses and homes. What are the best uses for locker storage? 

Office Spaces

One place that has begun using lockers to their advantage is office spaces. This is becoming more common in offices that are developing a more open and shared concept. This means that there are less assigned spaces (desks and offices) and employees can pick their workstation day-by-day. Because of this, employees may need a place to put their stuff. That’s where lockers come in handy. Many times a large wall is unused, especially for storage, but a locker wall is a great way to turn it into productive storage. Even better, most locker systems can be completely customized to match the office aesthetic!

Police Stations

Just like office spaces, functional storage for employees is incredibly necessary. Officers and other police station employees need a safe and secure area to store their personal belongings. Simple office lockers make that easy. These can be customized to match the locker room or breakroom to give it a cohesive feel while still maintaining functionality. Check out these office lockers we installed in a central Iowa police station. 

Another way for lockers to be beneficial in a space like a police station is with our KuL lockers. The KuL lockers are an excellent addition to any space because they are completely customizable, making them usable and efficient for many different purposes. These lockers can be manufactured in high-pressure laminate, or a combination of HPL with powder coated metal wrapped doors, like this previous job we completed. These KuL lockers were used as temporary evidence lockers. Again, these lockers provide an incredible amount of efficiency while still maintaining valuable floor space. 


A common space where you can almost guarantee that you will find a plethora of lockers is in a gym. Locker rooms are imperative for guests to get changed and of course, store their things. One thing that can make locker storage in gyms a bit difficult is finding the right amount of storage, without taking up too much valuable space. About 12 - 15 percent of the overall building space should be dedicated to a locker room, meaning that there is a very specific amount of space that can be dedicated to storage solutions. Our completely customizable lockers make it easy to be sure that you’re getting enough locker storage while saving on valuable floor and workout space. 

Lockers are an incredibly useful and often overlooked form of storage. From seemingly unimportant office lockers, to more high stakes usages like police evidence storage, there is almost always a way for lockers to be added into your storage space. They not only can add an aesthetic piece to the space, but they provide functional and efficient storage solutions without removing much of the needed floor space. How can lockers benefit your business? Contact us today to find out!

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