The most unique items being held on storage units!

Throughout history, items are collected and preserved to teach everyone about the past for a number of reasons. Whether these items are artifacts from history or unique items stored for the purpose of being unique, all of it needs a place to be stored. The right storage unit is preserving the most unique and spooky items for all of us to look at.

In the spirit of Halloween, these are the top items being preserved in a number of different storage units around the world.

1. The Smithsonian Institution is responsible for curating, preserving and displaying artifacts and pieces of history whether it’s a movie, article or a rare item. Sometimes, the items that are stored on these units can be different!

A doll gone bad is preserved at the museum that was a faux-toddler patented by George Pemberton Clarke in 1871. Another item is a 17-foot long bear from a man in North Dakota. This item is only brought out of storage when ancestors want to see the item itself. 

2. A library is a place for knowledge and holds the past, present and future inside its walls. A library offers more than books and periodicals including animal bones, rare or deadly books and cooking tools! At the Alaska Resource Library and Information Services, you can check out animal skeletons, pelts and skulls along with over 250,000 educational and scientific books!

3The Museum of Bad Art holds all of the pieces that never made it! There are over 600 pieces currently on display with more coming. You may not have made it into a prestige museum, but that’s okay, there is always room for your artwork here.

4. During and after World War II, the U.S. military launched a full-scale search to save pieces of European art that was stolen by the Nazis. As the artwork was returned, some of Hitler’s watercolor artwork was also found in-between all of the other valuable pieces.

His artwork is currently being tucked away under a locked storage system at the Museum Support Center in Virginia under military observation.

The forgotten pieces 

According to research studies a number of fossils are never put on display for the world to see. The pieces are sitting in museums collections waiting for the moment they’re put on display. There are sea creatures, artifacts taxidermy and more all being held in museums.

Don’t let your items be stored improperly, and never get the chance to be put on display. The right storage makes all the difference.

While these items are spooky, creepy and very unique the best part is storage holds all these items and meets the archives preservation requirements for all archival pieces.

The storage units that can stand up to these preservation requirement set in place?

The first is high density mobile shelving. This versatile storage unit can be customized to fit the needs of archival museums and libraries. MSS can provide these units to be stored in temperature controlled rooms, add custom coating to help the artifacts not to break down and so much more. Along with this, high density mobile shelving comes in a variety of shelving options from ActivRAC to LevPRO.

Spacesaver provides top of the line storage for museum and archives. These storage units are the most commonly used around the world for storage and preservation purposes. MSS offers everything from archival flat file to art rack storage.

At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we have helped out local museums and libraries hold the past properly with the right storage units. From pieces that needed temperature control to storage that needed to fit the design of existing pieces, we offer it all.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping businesses and libraries find the right preservation storage solutions since 1997! For more information, contact us today. 

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