The most unique items stored on high density!

A storage unit here, a storage unit there, a storage unit everywhere! Ever wonder just exactly our units can hold? Well, everything from cannabis to torpedos are safe with Spacesaver high density mobile shelving units. How is this possible?

This is because high density mobile shelving is one of the most versatile storage units we can offer clients and businesses. These are the most interesting items that are stored on our high density mobile shelving units.

The time to GROW is now.

Spacesaver offers the best storage systems for the cannabis and hydroponic industry! Who knew storage would be used for medical marijuana and farming. Spacesaver provided this medical marijuana farm high-yield storage solutions.

The growers first attempt at saving more space in their current area was to add tables with larger aisles. However, this didn’t allow the growers opportunities to increase their current yield in a competitive market.

With high density mobile shelving, the growers were able to improve their current floor plan, double the amount of plants they can grow and help with other common issues when it comes to growing.

In a city that offers little fresh produce each season, a restaurant needed a way to get fresh produce. These chefs in Manhattan, New York serve the finest dishes with the finests ingredients thanks to Spacesaver GROW.

The new storage units allow the chefs to practice hydroponic farming which provides with fresh produce year-round. Being in Manhattan in the TriBeCA neighborhood doesn’t allow for fresh produce often with the closest farm being over a half hour away (without NY traffic or delays.)

A public school district gets organized

The Omaha Public School district (OPS) is in charge of over 63 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, seven high schools and over 14 virtual and alternative programs! MSS was able to help OPS store all of their blueprints for each school build, design and renovations from all of these schools. The amount of paperwork and blueprints that needed to be stored correctly was no challenge for Modula VLM.

Need a blueprint for reference? Go to Modula and find the blueprint you’re looking for with a simple search.

Military storage on lockdown

The Offutt Air Force Base knew their friends at MSS could help them find the right storage units to replace the older ones, but in the same size footprint! This is no match for MSS. Offutt Air Force Base was looking for a new weapons racks that were modular and reconfigurable.

MSS decided high density shelving units were the perfect option for the air force base. The current units are holding equipment, weapons, ammo, tactical uniforms and more! MSS was able to customize the five storage units with accessories that better fit the needs of the base for overall better storage, organization and efficiency. 

Check out these awesome images: 

Holding the past with storage

The International Quilt Study Center Museum at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln expanded with a generous donation and needed the right units to store the hold the past.

A challenge for museums is making sure their storage units meet the archival preservation guidelines! These guidelines are laid out to ensure the historical items being stored are preserved for years and decades to come.

All storage units could not have any wooden material as it’s a hazard to the collection; furthermore, all units need a baked-on, powder-coated finish that permits any hazardous off-gassing onto the quilts. The rail system the units were stored on needed to smoothly move back and forth because one bump could mean a quilt is ruined.

MSS was able to install the best high density shelving units that would help to preserve the units for years to come.

Torpedos away!

The Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, Washington dates back to the 1800s. This museum was founded when John Adams was President! The NHHC comprises of over 12 museums and is responsible for preserving, analyzing and raising awareness of the United States Naval History.

The first ever torpedo that was built is held in the Naval Undersea Museum archival area. The more items being found and sent to the museum meant they needed to expand or find the right storage! The old shelving units were exposing the items to dust, rusting and more which leads to damage.

Another problem, the units were not seismic protected which means any activity would harm the artifacts and employees. The right storage units for the job were ActivRAC, this unit can hold over 30,000 pounds and can be seismic proofed. When the museum added the right storage, they were able to get rid of over 66 old shelving units.

Everything from the past to the present can be stored on high density mobile shelving units! Which one do you find most interesting? Old war torpedos? Medical marijuana? How about quilts that tell secrets of the past? Either way, all of these interesting items found a new home with the right units.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping busnisses and organizations find the right storage since 1995! We are the sole distrubutor of Spacesaver products in the Midwest with our headquarters in Omaha and two offices in Iowa. For more information, contact us today. 

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