The new Council Bluffs Police Department storage installation

The city of Council Bluffs, Iowa is getting a new building for their police department. The Council Bluffs Police Department will be moving into the new building after 40 years of operating in the county courthouse and just two years after voters approved the bond. The new building was designed by Hoefer Wysocki Architects and the storage units were provided by Midwest Storage Systems!

The new building will hold over 114 officers and 25 civilian workers permanently. This will give these professionals over 60,000 square feet of facility to operate and work out of. As Chief Tim Carmody tells WOWT 6 News, “ The most important things is the investment tax payers have made, the quality of services we can provide that we can’t in our other facility.”

The public and police department have been looking forward to this for a significant amount of time. The building should be ready by December for the team to move-in!

The new space allows the professionals to continue to protect the community, and MSS provided the right storage units to help the police department.

MSS was able to provide the department with several different storage systems to fit their day-to-day needs. One of the units installed was a new pass-thru evidence locker. This evidence locker provides protection for the items going to the labs and convenience for the lab technicians and department. The pass thru evidence lockers are built into the wall that separate the drop-off and evidence room.

The next storage system installed was personnel lockers. A police officer needs to be able to store their uniform, boots, badges and other property inside a secure place. The complex working environment of a police department was kept in mind when choosing the right personnel lockers. These lockers hold a range of gear and day-to-day items securely and effectively.

The police department was in need of a new weapons storage system that provides the ability to store several different kinds of weapons in one central location. With Spacesaver Universal Weapons Rack, this problem was easily solved. All universal weapons racks are designed to keep inventory in place and counted for at all times. When there is an emergency over the scanner, an officer's needs to grab their gear and head out as soon as possible. There isn’t time to search for their gear that’s misplaced or unaccounted for.

Finally, the department needed a universal storage system that could hold their evidence, paperwork and other items. This is where Spacesaver high density mobile shelving system work perfectly. This storage system provides the department with the storage they need and maximizing their space at the same time.

At MSS we have one motto: our storage units save you time, money and increase your current space. Check out the other local police and sheriff departments our company has helped out over the years on our blog.


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