The newest LevPRO unit: LIFT!

A high intensity training session needs the right equipment and storage! A CrossFit gym in Wisconsin is one of the first to test out the new unit of Spacesaver’s LevPRO! Until now, these types of gyms have been storing all their items in the backroom or cluttering the space with the necessary equipment. Put your lifting gloves on because those days are behind gym owners.

This is LevPRO LIFT. It’s tough, rugged and mighty!


LevPRO is Spacesaver’s first ever suspended shelving unit within the high density storage unit system. The suspended shelving is on an overhead track that is connected to the walls. This allows for the storage unit to be above the ground, leaving a couple inches underneath. This means you can expand your space with a smaller unit that can easily be cleaned underneath.

The LevPRO unit has three different sizes and can be customized to fit any space! This storage solution has been modified for a number of different industries and the newest one is the crossfit industry!


A storage unit designed for a tough sport is no joke! What is CrossFit? CrossFit is a specific type of strenuous workout that uses functional movements with high intensity. A typical CrossFit workout is only 20 minutes long, if that gives any indication on the intensity of the workout itself. CrossFit involves a number of aspects from weight lifting to cardio. The whole notion behind this workout is that you workout as hard as possible for this short time span instead of a lower intensity workout for a longer period!

With this, comes the need for a large amount of equipment from dumbbells, rowers, treadmills, pull up bars, ropes, bars with their own weights and more. How can one place store all of this? This answered was solved in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin with North Fit Creamery in and old dairy processing facility, they needed to take full advantage of the space.

The storage solutions needed to provide the gym with the floor space that’s needed with CrossFit. As Meg Zechel, one of the owners states, “The biggest challenge with CrossFit gym is that you only have the perimeter for storage. That’s always been the hardest part: the foundation of the gym has to be open, because of the different equipment we utilize.”

The storage solutions holds a number of their items from weighted vests, medicine balls, foam rollers, jump ropes, resistance bands and more all within its five shelves. Even the heaviest of items like weights, kettlebells and sandbags can be stored in their new storage solutions.

The amount of items that can fit inside one storage solutions:

  • 55 ab matts
  • 12 Foam rollers
  • 20 slam balls
  • 9 medicine balls
  • Parallette sets
  • Agility ladders
  • Small sleds

The amount of each item that can fit depends on what size LIFT storage solutions is purchased and what options are added into the unit.

LIFT offers wall racks, shelving and plate storage for on the floor options. Don’t forget about the locker room either!

LevPRO is made with accessibility and design in mind. A small enough unit to fit into small spaces that can hold its own weight. What else could you ask for? Maybe another unit!

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