The Omaha Police Headquarters Gets New Storage Units!

“I started walking around the building trying to determine what we needed and if we are using the space properly?” These were the questions the Police Captain Adam Kyle found himself asking in the Omaha Police Headquarters when it came to storage space. Captain Kyle knew it was time for the 40-year-old building to be transformed into a space that was being used to its full potential and for the proper purposes. Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., was able to help the Omaha Police Headquarters with this task.

Evidence and weapon storage were  a large part of what OPD Headquarters needed. Correct evidence storage is a huge  part of public safety. Without proper storage facilities, evidence gets misplaced and lost in the system. A big concern with  the storage units was properly securing each Officer’s weapon The current weapon storage unit was out-dated and needed a serious overhaul ! Weapon storage is necessary for police officers as well. This is because in time of crisis an officer needs to be able to access their weapons. The officers needed storage units for their longer guns and for their pistols. Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., was able to provide this for the headquarters.  

With this new storage system,

“We could have 600 percent more evidence than we currently have and still not run out of space,”

states Captain Kyle.

Another large part of the evidence that needed to be stored in the headquarters was seized narcotics. This needed to be separate from their current storage units on-site. This new storage system made it simpler to store this kind of evidence, and the envelopes easily fit inside the unit.

Captain Kyle was able to take KETV Newswatch 7 inside during the renovations and show the newly installed storage unit. At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we often find ourselves helping those who work in Public Safety. We also worked on Bellevue’s Police Department. To see this go to our blog, “Bellevue Police Department Highlight- A New Evidence Storage Space.

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