The Omaha Public School (OPS) District Gets Organized!

Class is out for the summer, or at least for students, the Omaha Public School (OPS) district oversees a large number of students, faculty, and staff members.

The exact number? The district consist of 63 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, seven high schools, one virtual school and 13 alternative programs! The OPS district enrolls more than 52,000 students each year. With numbers like these, you can tell how important storage solutions can be.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., was able to help OPS with a number of storage issues in their main district building. This is the building that is in charge of all these schools, kids, staff and faculty members! (Talk about stressful.)

The OPS district was looking to find a place for all their records and old architectural blueprints. The school holds paperwork for all their students, along with, all of the blueprints from every school construction process and remodel.

The amount of paperwork and blueprints showed MSS what OPS exactly needed. An architectural blueprint is HUGE and it can be a pain to store correctly.

MSS installed Modula Vertical Lift for OPS. Watch this video for Modula Vertical Life in action!

Once this storage solution was installed, MSS needed to program the storage unit so it would be efficient and easy to use.

The storage solution was programmed to know every blueprint inside of its walls, and it could find them all with a button. How exactly does it  find them?

The internal shelves were entered into the database. The database knew where every blueprint was stored on the internal storage solution.

 For example, if OPS needs blueprints from Adams Elementary from their construction or remodel, the system can find it, bring it down to the staff, and easily put the blueprint back on the shelving unit.

Furthermore, where do you store all of this paperwork for this many schools? You use Spacesaver storage solutions!

 Spacesaver offers a number of different storage units made for holding thousands of files of papers at one time.

Midwest Storage Solutions is the sole distributor of Spacesaver products in the Midwestern area. We have helped hundreds of local businesses and customers to find their needed storage.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping businesses find the right storage since 1997. We offer storage units for everyone from healthcare to public safety. For more information, contact us today!

modula vertical lift school storage success story
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