The Public Safety Storage From Beginning To End

A police officer is more than someone in the movies chasing the bad guys down, tackling them, and handcuffing them. A police officer is a broad term that is used for everyone from the trainees to the old timers.

A police officer patrols the area, assists in emergency situations, responds to bugarlies, and monitors the roadways for speeding, DUIs, and more. As you can see, a number of roles are done when it comes to being a police officer. From the beginning of the day to the end, officers are protecting the public.

Who is protecting their items? Midwest Storage Solutions is the one helping officers behind the scenes!

The beginning of the day starts with walking into the precinct, police headquarters, or small sheriff's office. No matter where you start, you’ll need to get your gear for the day.  

With Spacesaver’s personnel lockers a police officer knows their items are secured at night and organized for them in the morning. All personnel lockers can hold the following items:

  • Uniforms
  • Boots
  • Duty Bags
  • Body Armor
  • Weapons

These lockers can be reconfigured at any moment, if the officers need the area to change.

Everyone from Narcotics division to everyday police officers need their weapons. Weapons and ammunition needs to be stored securely and organized for a moment of “grab and go.”

Spacesaver offers the following weapons storage:

A Mounted Gun Locker that can be mounted on the floor or on the wall! This keeps gun out of the way. This makes temporary handgun storage simple, secure, and easy to manage.

-Do you find yourself having to change the area your items are in constantly? This is where Modular storage systems are perfect!

The Weapon WRX Modular weapon shelving systems allows for the system to be installed on the wall or on a cart that is mobile. You can easily move this storage solution around with you or keep it stationary.

- There is the Weapon racks for pistols and shotguns that are designed to fit these weapons securly.  

Now, you got the bad guy, tackled him like in the movies and he is in the clinker! From here, evidence is needed. One could say this is the most important part of every investigation!

There are a number of different options available from tamper-proof evidence lockers in several styles and configurations. These are the storage units provided:

-Pass-Thru Evidence Lockers: This storage system is built into the police department walls. This separates the evidence-drop-off area from the evidence room.

This allows the evidence technicians to simply open the locker from their side of the storage system and grab the evidence. This makes sure all evidence is stored correctly and securely!

- Refrigerated Evidence Lockers: Not all evidence can be stored in room temperatures. Our refrigerated systems are at 38 to 42 degrees which keeps evidence safe!

We also offer other storage systems for evidence lockers. Check out our blog on evidence!

After the court date, the hearing is done and over, you’ll need somewhere to store all the paperwork and evidence that does not need temperature control.

This can be done with Spacesaver high-density storage solutions. We love high-density storage because it works for public safety department to healthcare industries!

This is where you can optimize your current evidence storage area. High-density storage increases your space by 50 percent.

The beginning to end process of an everyday job and tasks done behind the scenes is busy. Police officers need support to help organize and optimize their spaces better; this way, they can do their job efficiently and effectively.


Midwest Storage Solutions has been helping the public safety industries since 1997. For more information, contact us today!

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