The storage units behind the faces! PART 2

At Midwest Storage Solutions, the benefits keep moving with high-density storage solutions! From the healthcare field to warehouses and distribution centers is where you will find high density storage.

See for yourself all of the different storage solutions available with MSS and Spacesaver!

The different high-density available

Spacesaver high-density storage comes in the following categories:

  • standard mobile shelving
  • heavy-duty mobile shelving
  • off-site mobile shelving
  • suspended mobile shelving
  • low-profile mobile shelving

Standard mobile shelving

Each of these storage units works for specific  industries. The first is called standard mobile shelving, because it is the most common high-density storage solution.

A common place this storage system is found is at athletic centers, libraries, healthcare facilities and more!

In 2009, Nebraska’s football team needed a place for all of the Husker’s high-end and important equipment. The state-of-the-art facility called for  a state-of-the-art storage system. This unit allows for individualized shelves for all of your athletic needs.

Heavy-duty mobile shelving

The heavy-duty side of mobile shelving is not here to mess around! ActivRAC is commonly found in warehouse and distribution centers around the world.

A warehouse will hold items for years. Meanwhile, a distribution center exists to get items in and out quickly. Whichever the system, ActivRAC can accommodate.

This system can hold 7,000 to 30,000 pounds of material and products on its shelves. To save money, this mobile shelving system can be added to existing concrete.

Off-site mobile shelving

Off-site mobile shelving lets clients keep their items but not on their current lot! A common place for off-site storage is seen  in libraries.

This approach makes it easier to transfer r their older books, periodicals and other items to the storage system and still keep it! This makes research easier. The storage system is about 35 feet tall and provides all the vertical space you will need.

Suspended mobile shelving 

The newest high-density storage system is suspended! This unit is called LevPRO. It is a small yet  robust storage system that comes in three convenient sizes.

Do not let the sizes fool you. They are  just as durable as the other high-density storage systems. The storage system is used in industries ranging from healthcare to education .

The Bryan Medical Center in Nebraska uses high-density storage systems in their sterile department. Prior to the switch, staff often ran  into two common issue: not being able to efficiently clean their items and under their units. With the  unit being suspended, it removed those barriers.

Low-profile mobile shelving

Finally, there is low-profile mobile shelving. Do you know in the future you’ll need to move? Expand? You want something easy to reconfigure and move with you?

This storage system is perfect for you. This is possible with its modular system that is paired with a flooring system that provides the same back and forth as other units.

Don’t worry, it is still as functional as the other high-density storage systems. It just allows for more flexibility.


Now, as you can see, this is why high- density storage systems are so valuable in the storage world! What other kind of storage system is used in  this many industries while personalized for specific needs? (A hint: none!)

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