The storage units behind the public safety gear

A DARE Corvette, narcotics, sensitive evidence, guns and other items that typically come in and out of a police station’s evidence room have a place with Midwest Storage Solutions’ storage units. From evidence rooms to personnel locker rooms, Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. has a storage unit for the job.

These are the local police department and headquarters installations done by our team and the units involved in the crime! 

Omaha Police Headquarters

The 40-year-old Omaha Police Department was lacking in their current building. The building wasn’t able to hold all of the necessary items in their evidence room. All evidence that came into the department needed to be held for months or even years at a time.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. decided the best storage units to install were high-density mobile shelving units. When a police department installs these storage units, the evidence room space can increase by 50 percent. With static shelving units, the typical evidence room only holds 520 boxes, with high-density mobile shelving, the evidence rooms are able to hold up to 987 boxes at one time!

From Omaha to our neighbors in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Midwest was able to provide the best storage.

Council Bluffs Police Department

The Council Bluffs Police Department was a landmark project for the Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., team and the town of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The new facility was over 60,000 square feet and could house the entire administrative team and office staff, along with all the officers. The MSS team was able to provide a number of storage units from evidence lockers to midwest police gear.

The midwest police gear installed was Spacesaver Universal Weapons Rack. This weapons rack can be used for any department and military brand in the public safety industry. It’s versatile and can hold a number of weapons. This modular storage unit provides safe transportation if need be and security at all times.

The evidence lockers were a vital part of the new department. Evidence left unattended or misplaced can wreak havoc on an investigation. All evidence lockers can be temperature controlled to keep evidence pristine. The evidence lockers allow for individual evidence to be put inside its own cubby and locked.

High-density mobile shelving was installed into this department. High-density mobile shelving is the MOST versatile storage unit that Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. installs into departments and headquarters.

Finally, another local installation was with the Sioux City Police evidence room!

Sioux City Evidence Room

The Sioux City, Iowa evidence room held everything imaginable from VCRs to couches and bikes. The evidence room was desperately in need of expanding their room or finding a better storage solution. Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. was able to install ActivRAC.  

This storage unit was able to give the team over 850 shelves to store all of their evidence and store the DARE Corvette that was stolen! A car on a storage unit? Yup, that’s correct!

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. takes pride in all installations; however, any time our team can help those who are protecting the public we are ecstatic.

For all midwest police gear, evidence lockers or other units, contact us today!

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